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37 Tips To Burn More Fat

The second I finished my “46 Tips to Build More Muscle” blog, I knew I had to make another one in the opposing direction – Fat Loss. I knew there would be some people wishing they had a list to … Continue reading

46 Tips to Build More Muscle

1. Start Explosive. Doing something explosive at the beginning of your workout will fire the Central Nervous System, which can allow you to lift stronger and more intensely. Plus… Look at Olympic lifters, they’re JACKED! 2. Train with intensity. Nobody … Continue reading

Stay Lean & Reduce the Stress While Traveling

Traveling is always an awesome thing to do in life. It gives you new experiences, you get to witness different cultures, try different foods, meet new people, and so many other fun things. But if you’re in the fitness industry … Continue reading

Vigor Ground Nutrition Corner Article Series: Episode 1

Filming the Nutrition Corner with Luka is one of my favorite things to do. We get to share nutrition knowledge with all of our followers and supporters, I get the chance to step in front of the camera and shine … Continue reading

Vigor Ground Cooking Corner: Low-Carb Banana Bread

You don’t like Banana Bread? Although that is somewhat of an issue in my book, I’ll refrain from judging you (a lot). If you do then continue to read on as Cody has put together and cooked up some delicious … Continue reading

6 Rules to Optimizing Hormones Through Nutrition

Hormones regulate so many aspects of our body composition, performance, strength, moods, sleep, energy, and so many other things going on inside of us. So how can we maximize our hormonal potential to benefit our fat loss, strength and muscle … Continue reading

Vigor Nutrition Part 4: Breaking Plateaus, Cheat Meals & Workout Nutrition

In Part 1 I covered the essential 10 steps that lead to a better diet, health, physique, and how those habits are the most crucial changes needed to see results. In Part 2 I introduced calories and explained what they … Continue reading

Vigor Nutrition Part 3: Macros

Ok guys, its here…Part 3 of my Vigor Ground Nutrition Series and this is where it starts to get a bit more specific. Today I will be talking Macros! Oh how I love them… and hate them, at the same … Continue reading

Vigor Nutrition Part 2: What’s the Deal With Calories

As promised, here is Part 2 of the 4 Part Nutrition Series I will be covering here on the Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance blog! Calories… What exactly is a calorie? And why are they so important when it comes … Continue reading

Vigor Ground Cooking Corner: Pumpkin Pie Protein Pancakes

The deliciousness continues. That was my movie line attempt and even if it falls through it’s all good because these pancakes will make up for it! We’re back with Cody making some post workout grub that you previously would have … Continue reading

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