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EP081: How to Go From Being a Leadership Soloist to a Conductor to Transform Your Team, Business, and Life

Back when I was a personal trainer working with clients one-on-one I only had to rely on myself to get the job done. As long as I got results for my clients and hustled, everything worked out fine… until it didn’t. As my business grew, I started to collaborate with other trainers and build a team. It was a natural progression, but it forced me to take a look at how I was running things.

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E080: How To Become A World Class Coach, Build Your Fitness Brand The Right Way & Create The Lifestyle You Want w/ Joe Defranco

If you’ve been around strength and conditioning for awhile you’ll likely know Joe Defranco. Joe is one of the OG’s who started the warehouse gym movement, became a trainer to the pros, and is now one of the most accomplished coaches in the industry.

He’s been there, done that, and still doing it.

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EP079: 5 Leadership Secrets From One Of The Worlds Greatest Teams To Help You Win In Life

I grew up watching my oldest brother play rugby – something he still does to this day. The current captain of the Slovenian National Rugby Team, he has become someone the sport respects.

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E078: 9 Lessons On How To Overcome Hard Times And Adversity In Business And Life

There are only two types of businesses: those who are going through tough times, and those that will go through tough times. The same goes for life. This is not just me being negative, it’s me being real. If you don’t think you’ll ever go through tough times, you won’t be prepared for them when they come. And if you’re not prepared, it’s hard to make it through your challenges as a winner.

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Every now and again I get this uncontrollable feeling inside of me where I just have to sit down and write an article like this.

I can’t explain it.

I believe part of it is because it’s time to write this to myself.

You see I read around 2 books a week and have for over 5 years now (before it was one a week for 6 years), I’m in multiple masterminds and attend at least a dozen seminars a year (either speaking, learning, or both).

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EP077: 17 Lessons To Invigorate Your Life

3 or 4 years ago I wrote a blog post with 99 lessons from life in it. At the time, I didn’t think much about. So when it went viral I was surprised by how many people enjoyed and shared it.

Last year I decided to give my original post an upgrade. I ended up rewriting a lot of it – pulling from my notes in my journals, my voice recordings, as well as insights on things I had changed since then.

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EP076: What We’d Tell Our Younger Selves As A Coach and Fitness Business Owner If We Could Go Back In Time

In this episode of the podcast I sit down with Vigor Coach, Theo Bowie to discuss the lessons we have learned and would tell our younger selves.

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