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EP086: 10 Biz Lessons with Social Impact & 11 Evolved Enterprise Models That “Bake In” Impact into Every Sale You Make

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trusted tablets Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is clear – altruism matters! I’ve shared a lot about how much it means to me – in particular, and how it drives my decisions in business and life.

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Lose the Fat, Keep the Muscle buy viagra online canada There’s a common idea in the fitness industry that surrounds muscle loss and dieting that scares a lot of people into buying supplements they don’t need, and wasting time and money.  

What I’m talking about is the idea that you’re going to lose a ton of your hard earned muscle in the process of losing body fat. 

I can understand why you’d have this fear though — it takes months and years of hard strength training and monitoring your nutrition to build a good amount of muscle mass. 

No one wants to waste all that just to get a little leaner. Well, the good thing is you can put that fear to rest. 

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EP085: The Impact of Mentoring and Guiding Youth and How to Build Social Change into Your Business w/ Marcus Harden

On this show I bring on Marcus Harden who is not only an OG at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance, but also an incredible human being. Marcus has worked in eduction and with youth for close to two decades. He inspired me to start the Vigor DREAM program. A scholarship program that I am working with Marcus to develop that will mentor, guide and support young men and women through accountability, coaching, fitness and performance. Essentially, it will be the mentorship program that I could have used when I was knucklehead and getting into trouble growing up.

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EP084: You Don’t Really Know Cardio, The Death Of Group Training As We Know It, And The Secret Training Sauce w/ Joel Jamieson

When it comes to energy systems training (AKA “cardio”) there are few people in the world who understand, teach, and coach it better than Joel Jamieson. Let’s put it this way, if Joel was a character in Game of Thrones, he’d be announced as “The shield that protects the realms of conditioning” – which is why I brought him back on the podcast for a second time.

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EP083: How Doing The Paleo AIP Diet For 30-Days Created A Big Habit Change In My Life (Despite Not Sticking With It Long Term)

Over the course of two and a half decades of being an athlete and coach I’ve done more diets and experiments than I can count. Every time I learned something in theory, I would experiment with it on myself, before taking the lessons and adding them to my coaches toolbox.

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EP082: 10 Lessons On How To Influence and Persuade To Create Impact and Change

I have been a student of sales and persuasion for over a decade now. What led me down this path was a desire to be a better leader, coach and business owner – since sales and persuasion are crucial to all three.

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Why The Last 10 Pounds Are The Hardest To Lose…

You’ve been noticing your pants are fitting tighter around the waist, you’re stretching shirts in all the wrong places, and the last “easy” hike you went on with friends, felt like hiking Everest.

All the fast food, skipped trips to the gym and extra drinks after a long day are being worn on your waistline, and you commit to losing some weight and getting back in shape.

You change how you eat, and exercise,  more vegetables, more protein and less fast food with a few trips to the gym after work each week.

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EP081: How to Go From Being a Leadership Soloist to a Conductor to Transform Your Team, Business, and Life

Back when I was a personal trainer working with clients one-on-one I only had to rely on myself to get the job done. As long as I got results for my clients and hustled, everything worked out fine… until it didn’t. As my business grew, I started to collaborate with other trainers and build a team. It was a natural progression, but it forced me to take a look at how I was running things.

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