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The Foods That Fight Inflammation & Simple Ways To Add Them Into Your Day Without Stress

Lets talk about inflammation first. What is it? Where does it happen? And why should you worry about it?

in • flam • ma • tion“A localized physical condition in which part of the body becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful, especially as a reaction to injury or infection.”

Well according to Google’s definition, it sounds horrible and I’m sure we can all agree that we should stay away from this inflammation thing.

But lets go to some practical experience, some ways I’ve seen it affect my clients physical and internal bodies and therefore, the results they may see.
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EP026: Advanced Muscle Building and Performance, Personality Types and Coaching Mastery w/ Christian Thibadeau and John Rusin 

What if there was a better way for you to get muscle building, strength and performance results while staying injury-free? What if there was a science that would allow you to stick with a workout consistently?

Christian Thibadeau and John Rusin, two of the world’s top strength, hypertrophy and performance coaches join me to talk about the big mistakes most people make when it comes to improving their physique, strength and performance – while staying pain-free.

Also, they share insight about training people with different personality types, and how those personal characteristics affect training, nutrition, recovery and compliance. This is some extremely insightful information that you most likely haven’t heard yet!

To cap it off, we dive deep into what it takes to be a great coach and some of the biggest traits that are currently lacking in the fitness industry.


  • How to assess personality types to determine what will help a client stick to their programs, get better results as well as feel better throughout the day
  • The 2 things that every client must do to get results and how many people get this wrong because of ________
  • The secret to getting people to stick to their training and nutrition program, and how you may be (unknowingly) getting it all wrong
  • How to create the most effective warm up for different personality types to get them ready for their workout based on John Rusin’s ‘6-Step Warm Up Blueprint’ (getting this wrong can make a client’s performance go down and make the session suck)
  • A new ways to assess your clients to determine what is going to work better for them in warm ups, training, nutrition and supplementation
  • The secret to helping “hard gainers” put on muscle, and why most programs are making it harder for them
  • Why you shouldn’t change exercises much (if at all) for certain personality types and the step-by-step process to progress them, have them coming back and get them addicted to their training
  • The astonishing reason that clients may be falling off your programs even when you put in all the time and effort to make them perfect on paper
  • How I create programs based on personality types and my “meal” analogy (this may be the simplest way of viewing and creating programs)
  • How to create a program with a client to get them better results
  • How eating carbs before and during a workout can really improve some individuals training sessions, while making others really sleepy – find out where you fit in
  • Why going low carb can spell disaster for someone who is introverted, anxious and an over-thinker (I also go into why going low carb and having “cheat days” won’t work long-term for these people)
  • The missing links in the fitness industry to becoming a master coach and why you should be dumber
  • A list of the supplements to take for each personality type to improve their performance and make them feel better all day long
  • And SO much more


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EP025: Total Human Optimization, Pursuing Your Vision and Building a Great Team w/ John Wolfe 

I met John Wolfe years ago while studying kettlebell training. What initially struck me about him was his approach to and philosophy about training – I loved how he implemented unconventional training methods into any program as a way to upgrade it.

John, who is now the CFO (Chief Fitness Officer) of Onnit, joins me to talk about everything from how to build culture, a community that connects instead of divides, and powerhouse teams that encourage individuals to step into greatness. We of course also get into unconventional training.


  • Why John left his own business to join Onnit and how you can be happy and successful by putting yourself into the right career
  • The secret to long term growth and success – “It’s not about how much money you make but ________.
  • How to learn some of the best lessons from the things you did wrong – or even better, learning from other people doing things wrong
  • The principle that can be implemented to attract the best talent and a powerful tool that you can use to make great connections (both total game changers!)
  • The 3 C’s that laid the foundation of success at Onnit
  • The “magic formula” that makes the best teams and companies tick and why you MUST do this if you want to create a strong team in your company
  • Why a “choose your own adventure” style of training may be the best way for people to stick to fitness long-term
  • How I broke the record in the Viking Mace Challenge while being hungover at the Onnit grand opening
  • How to create experiences that keep people coming back – the cornerstone of ANY business
  • Why you’re the most successful when you choose your path and do what you love the most — and how you can help people in your organization do that

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EP024: How To Win At The Sport of Life 

After my basketball career I struggled to find the motivation and structure to get the things I wanted to accomplished done both personally and professionally. It took a lot of trial and error — falling on my face (a few times) — and the help of mentors who helped guide me towards my goals for me to get to the place I wanted to be.

The revelation that really shifted things for me was that I am still an athlete, but now my sport is life and everything in it is my playground.

In this episode I share my perspective and the strategy that helped me break everything that I wanted to achieve down into monthly, weekly and daily targets/practices. A strategy that will help you dominate your days.


  • How I struggled after ending my basketball career with feelings of loss and a lack of purpose and what I did to turn it around
  • How putting all my energy into my business actually damaged things that matter to me and the steps to avoid the same mistakes
  • The philosophy and structure that allowed me to improve all areas of my life at the same time
  • My secret ritual that gives me energy every night while also firing me up for the next day
  • The small change you can make to supercharge your results in the next 90 days (in whatever area of life you choose)
  • The game that will get you everything you want in life
  • Why Super Mario Brothers and bosses will make you realize obstacles are the secret sauce to success

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EP023: How To Get Out of Pain and Stay Away From Pain w/ Physical Therapist Dan Swinscoe

When I or one of my clients is injured I always want to make sure that I have a network of the most knowledgeable and caring people available to help me/them get back on track with training and living life to the fullest. One of those people is Dan Swinscoe.

If you have ever been hurt or injured you understand that the only thing you want to do is get out of pain and get back to doing the things that you love pain-free (and keeping it that way). To get the best results, short and long-term — when it comes to training for body composition and performance — staying injury free is key.

In this episode Dan and I discuss how to get out of pain and how to stay pain-free so that you can be your best at whatever you choose to do.


  • How pain changes the way we move, live and think and how it affects every part of our life — and what to do about it RIGHT NOW
  • What I learned from a devastating back injury that I suffered 6 years ago, and how you can learn how to avoid making the mistakes that made (I also outline the principles and strategies that helped me get back to 100%)
  • How the biggest injuries are caused by the little things that we do in everyday life (even if you are a high level athlete or trainee)
  • How your back is like a credit card and what happens when you keep bending it the wrong way – I also answer the question: are sit ups really bad for you?
  • The best way to strengthen your core, flatten your stomach and see your abs (the show and the go of training)
  • The checklist for how to get out of and stay out of back pain (make this a ritual and your low back will thank you for life)
  • The shocking truth about whether you should squat and deadlift (this answer the age old question)
  • The 3 simple principles to fix nagging shoulder pain to keep you from having to get surgery down the road
  • The “what NOT to do” list when coming back from injury and the biggest misconception when it comes to rehabilitation (this is one even doctors get wrong many times)
  • The big reason I love Zumba and why you should too (and why it may be the exact thing you need)
  • Strategies and tips to help you stay away from pain and injuries for good (put this on your fridge!)

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9 Tips for Structuring a Successful Diet

When it comes to getting leaner and healthier with nutrition you’ll generally try to take on more change than you can handle in the long run.

Trying to walk before you crawl with with nutrition is a surefire path to overwhelm and returning to your old habits.

If you haven’t taken the time to build the right habits, and structure your diet in a manner that works for your lifestyle it’ll eventually fall apart.

For many just like you the name of the diet changes, but the end results are always disappointing and fall short of expectations.

I’ll have you consider that your success with nutrition has very little to do with the actual diet itself.

We know many different diets are successful in helping people get healthier and leaner, so there is no magic bullet when it comes to dietary approaches.

The real magic is in creating sustainable nutrition habits that aren’t overly restrictive, too complicated and stress you out.

In this blog post you’re going to learn the 9 tips for structuring a successful diet that will help you get leaner and healthier without the restriction and rules of most diets.
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EP022: How You’re (Unknowingly) Choosing Failure and How To Change It

This week I wanted to share a perspective that a friend and I were talking about that tends to keep people from achieving their goals. I also get into a simple exercise of awareness that will help you break through if you’re currently struggling to achieve something.

It’s no secret that our perspective, subconscious beliefs, fears and mindset guide the decisions and actions that we take. Shifting my perspective has been monumental in my own life – taking me from not believing in myself, to a life of crime and failure, to where I am today.

The tools, strategies and stories that I share in this episode are the same ones that I used to transform my life. They’re also the strategies that now help our clients at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance undergo deep transformations.


  • How everyday you choose your “can’t” and why that’s holding you back from everything you want in your life
  • The magic question that determines if your beliefs and actions are taking you away from your goals or towards them
  • Why the turkey story may be exactly how you’re treating certain areas of your life that you want to change, but can’t
  • The power of looking into your own stories and how to start breaking them down and create new ones that actually get you results
  • The 4 stages that move you from doing things that are hurting you, without you even knowing it, to the actions that will give you success
  • A new way of thinking that will keep you on track and help you achieve your goals

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“The Exact Program Tim Is Doing That Transformed His Body”

Tim is a beast, nobody at the gym debates that and everybody clearly see’s that. But he wasn’t always like that – just like every other jacked dude, he came to us with less muscle and a little more body fat.
See’s there’s nothing wrong with that and I wanted to point that out before I write anything else at all. Why? Because he did the most important thing for his transformation on his own, before I even met him.

He reached out for help.

See that’s the biggest step anyone can take in order to transform his or her body. And if you ask anyone who is super lean, stacked with muscle, beyond strong in the gym, or even just a successful business owner – they had a coach, a mentor, a guide, or some person that influenced their thought process on how to get better.

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EP021: Nutrition, Lifestyle and Habit Strategies That Work (And Go Against What Most Media Tells You)

I sat down with coach Cody from Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance to talk about the perspectives, mindsets, skill sets and strategies that we implement with our clients to help them change behaviors and get them closer to their goals — while making fitness and nutrition a sustainable stress-free part of their lives. We dig into some very specific examples as well as shine a light on some of the things that most fitness media pushes as the solution, when it fact it may lead to a roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain.

If you look deeper at this conversation there are many strategies that you can use in principle to help change your behavior — whether related to nutrition or any other lifestyle factor. As I’ve said before, nutrition coaching is more about inter personal skills and psychology than it is about the x’s and o’s.

If you’re looking to change your habits to help you achieve your goals then don’t miss this episode.


  • What NOT to do – even though it’s what main fitness media pushes when it comes to your nutrition
  • Why Cody and myself fall into level 1 when it comes to nutrition, even though we stay year round, and the reason most people take on too difficult of a behavior change and fail
  • The limiting factors that are stopping you from changing your nutrition and lifestyle for good
  • One of the key factors to improving the quality of the nutrients you are getting into your diet, and the drill we use with clients to add variety and success into their nutrition plan
  • Some ways to build fundamental skills that are fun, build community and end up transforming your habits long-term
  • The SIMPLE and yet fastest way to change your environment and change your night time eating and snacking
  • How to cut out caffeine, alcohol and sugar beverages with success and improve your hydration
  • The “all or nothing” mindset that rarely gets us ______ and gets us _________ most of the time
  • The MOST important habit anyone can develop and the strategies you can implement to help you develop it
  • The HALT acronym and how these questions can stop you from thinking you’re hungry when you’re not
  • One of the reasons why it’s so easy to overindulge in the foods that don’t help you lose weight or build lean muscle
  • 3 skill sets you need to learn of you want to avoid repeating a cycle of frustration with your nutrition
  • The step-by-step approach to eliminating all the things that are holding you back, one-by-one (this simple strategy works but most people don’t do it because it’s so easy)
  • The one habit that can change your energy levels, make you feel better, think clearer and treat people nicer
  • And much more

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Take Control Of Your Eating, Body, and Lifestyle Workshop w/ Luka Hocevar

We know more about the science of fat loss and weight loss.

There is more information out there than ever on “how to ______” (fill in the blank with anything you want to achieve).

And yet obesity, cancer, diabetes, low self-esteem, depressions, etc. are all at an all time high.

I’d have you consider that even though so much information is out there, it is more confusing than ever and the reality is whatever is going on is NOT producing results (if we look at the average as a nation).

And as a mentor once told me…

To know and not do do, is not to know

So what is producing results and what is working for people that are not only creating body transformations, but also sustaining that way of life and never looking back?
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