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E078: 9 Lessons On How To Overcome Hard Times And Adversity In Business And Life

There are only two types of businesses: those who are going through tough times, and those that will go through tough times. The same goes for life. This is not just me being negative, it’s me being real. If you don’t think you’ll ever go through tough times, you won’t be prepared for them when they come. And if you’re not prepared, it’s hard to make it through your challenges as a winner.

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Every now and again I get this uncontrollable feeling inside of me where I just have to sit down and write an article like this.

I can’t explain it.

I believe part of it is because it’s time to write this to myself.

You see I read around 2 books a week and have for over 5 years now (before it was one a week for 6 years), I’m in multiple masterminds and attend at least a dozen seminars a year (either speaking, learning, or both).

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EP077: 17 Lessons To Invigorate Your Life

3 or 4 years ago I wrote a blog post with 99 lessons from life in it. At the time, I didn’t think much about. So when it went viral I was surprised by how many people enjoyed and shared it.

Last year I decided to give my original post an upgrade. I ended up rewriting a lot of it – pulling from my notes in my journals, my voice recordings, as well as insights on things I had changed since then.

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EP076: What We’d Tell Our Younger Selves As A Coach and Fitness Business Owner If We Could Go Back In Time

In this episode of the podcast I sit down with Vigor Coach, Theo Bowie to discuss the lessons we have learned and would tell our younger selves.

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EP075: How A Manic Depressive, Anxious Fat Guy Transformed His Body, 10x His Business and Saved His Marriage

I met Paul Mort in a business mastermind almost a decade ago. At the time, he was a personal trainer running boot camps in England and had built it up to 17 locations. He was brilliant — but at the same time — crazy, and a roller coaster. Throughout the years we became close friends as I watched him build and sell companies, all while struggling personally with bi-polar disorder – which wrecked havoc on his health and family. This all came to a climax when in 2014 he was on the edge of a cliff ready to jump and take his own life.

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EP074: 25 Lessons and Strategies To Be More Focused, Productive and Achieve What You Actually Want This Year

I’ve always been a hard worker. What The Rock calls, “the hardest worker in the room.” In a lot of ways, I had to be. I was dealt a “bad hand” and made some bad choices because of it growing up. I was short but chose to play basketball anyways. I grew up in Communism. Wasn’t great in school because I had what many would consider ADHD today. My Dad was away from age 11 doing his best to provide a better life for us. And I was also knuckle head, so I chose to run with the wrong crowds as an adolescent and lived a life of crime for a long time.

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EP073: Establishing Culture Within Team, Our Coaching Philosophy, Books That Changed Our Life and More in Q&A w/ Theo Bowie

It’s important to get insight from multiple angles when it comes to fitness business, coaching, and succeeding as a team in a small business. To talk more about that, I brought in Vigor Coach, Theo Bowie to help answer your questions on coaching, programming, mindset, business, the things that influence our lives, and everything in between.

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EP072: Coaching Lessons From Basketball To Build A Championship Team, Business, and Life

I’ve been playing basketball since I was a kid, but started playing the sport seriously at age 11 after going to summer camps for years. I sucked at first, but got better the more hours I put in – which grew my love of the game.

The game, the people, and many of the coaches that I’ve worked with over the years have taught me so more than the skills of the game. They’ve taught me skills for life and building championship teams, along with how to apply that to business and life itself. All of which changed the course of my life for the better.

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EP71: Everyone Is A Leader and The 7C’s To Building An Unstoppable Team in Business and Life

Recently I was asked to come and present to a group of team leaders at Boeing – with the goal to help with motivation and culture. This came about because some of the leaders at the company have been following my career and what I do at Vigor Ground. I had a few weeks to prepare so I dug deep into the bottlenecks I have faced in my career and business. I also thought through how I could best inspire change and give guidance in actionable steps.

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