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37 Tips For A Faster Body Transformation

Transforming your body takes work. It takes discipline to stay the course and drive to truly want the end result. 9 times out of 10, it takes accountability as well.

But on top of work, discipline, and accountability… it takes strategy. Strategies for exactly what to implement and exactly how to implement them all.

That’s what I’m giving you today. 37 Strategies to make your Complete Body Transformation, Faster.
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EP042: Principles, Strategies and Mindsets for Success In The Fitness Industry

Every time I travel to events and mentorships I learn new things. Sometimes I hear stuff that I’ve heard before but from a different perspective and get an “aha” moment that allows me to take action on it.

Apart from that, the relationship building and connecting with other high level fitness professionals and entrepreneurs is priceless.

Combining the above always gets me fired up, inspired and always leaves me with a book full of notes that I am ready to take action on.

Recently I was at my 10th Perform Better Summit in a row followed by the two12 event in Denver, put on by my friend Adam Bornstein. In this episode I share my insights, but also really crack down on what it takes to be successful in fitness business (or any other business for that matter).


  • The 3 reasons I travel to events and why you must too so that you can becomes the best coach, leader and successful business owner
  • Why going to an event to get “tons of tactics and strategies” can be detrimental to your success
  • The missing ingredient in your personal success and why you’re still not seeing it
  • The 3 types of happiness and how you can integrate learning and connecting with other people to supercharge your success
  • Why obsession is necessary when working to become the best in the world at something
  • The top skill-sets the best coaches in the world have and why they’re the one’s you NEED TO build
  • The future of the fitness industry and how you will be able to stand out
  • Why fitness is NOT saturated and the _______ strategy that will always win

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A Man’s Search For Transformation – The Handbook

Transformation is typically defined as a physical appearance being drastically changed, for the better. But in the eyes and minds of most men, it’s much more than that.

Even if you successfully transform your body, which we see here quite often at Vigor Ground, so much more goes happens other than just dropping pants sizes or adding slabs of muscle.

You look drastically different, yes…But your mindset shifts into a powerful place.

Your certainty and confidence in everything you do and say is in a completely different, and higher, position. When your mindset shifts and you show up with a confidence and certainty that matches your appearance, you treat every single relationship you have differently – you show up as a different man.

When you can transform your body, shift your mindset, and show up as a new man in your relationships, your business goes through the roof.
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EP041: What Works and Doesn’t Work When It Comes To Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching with Cody McBroom

At Vigor, the most common questions that we receive are centered around nutrition, lifestyle and habit change.

Taking control of your daily (potentially bad) habits is one of the hardest things to do – which is why we have decided to host regular podcasts where we dive deep into the kind of coaching we provide for our clients here at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance. The same coaching that has allowed us to help thousands of clients breakthrough and change their body for the long-term.

In these podcasts we are going to focus on everything from nutrition choices and mindset frameworks, to coaching questions, our methods and strategies.

Our goal with these podcasts is to help people, potentially like yourself, make positive changes to their nutrition and lifestyle. We also want to help coaches looking for advice on how they can improve their coaching practices.


  • The principles that make up the foundation of coaching, and why understanding them can help you change in any area of your life
  • Why your nutrition “special situation” is a real life example of human diversity, and the simple steps that will help you breakthrough your plateau
  • The reason why many of your health and medical issues can be rectified with lifestyle and nutrition changes
  • Why worrying about “special scenarios” can distract you from moving the “big rocks” that will help you get where you want
  • The fundamental skillsets and habits that all the people that are lean and healthy stick to… which are surprisingly simple concepts
  • Why “fad diets” have become so popular and how we get our clients to choose what’s right for them
  • Why asking better questions of yourself and your clients is one of the key secrets to better health and coaching
  • The Super 7 Readiness questions that we use to help us discover what our clients coaching needs are so that we can coach them better
  • The 4-steps to identifying the behaviors clients take on for success
  • The A-B-C list for how you can discover which foods your clients will want to eat to achieve their goals, and the training program that will compliment their nutrition program
  • Why humans always tend to find the negative in situations and how to change that, both in yourself and with your clients… and how this is a key skillset when it comes to nutrition success
  • The habits that your health and fitness icons follow, and how to apply them to your life
  • The strategy that will add 30-minutes of productivity to your day and how it can make a huge difference in your life
  • The best post-workout nutrition for athletes wanting to stay lean and build muscle

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How To Naturally Increase Testosterone Through Nutrition, Training and Lifestyle Habit Changes

Ask any random guy on the street if they’d like to increase their testosterone levels, regardless if they’re low or if they even know where their levels are at, and I guarantee he’ll say yes.

It’s the nature of man. We know that testosterone plays a huge role in what makes a man manly, so we naturally want more of it.

The sad part is that 1 in 4 men have low testosterone levels, at all ages.

While 40% of all men over the age of 45 all have low testosterone levels.

These studies are dated back a few years and to be completely honest, my guess is that it’s even worse now because many of the things that cause low testosterone levels are getting more and more prevalent in todays society.

But before you freak out and call your doctor for TRT, there’s good news too… You can reverse this, avoid this decline, and take your man card back once and for all – that’s exactly what I’ll be helping you do today.
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12 Simple Strategic Changes To Make Nutrition Work For You

This is a guest post by Alex McMahon.

When it comes to making dietary changes a lot of people feel intimidated because they’ve been lead to believe that you need to make massive changes right away to get results.

However we know that diets based on deprivation and too much change too soon are destined to fail. This is why the diet industry is worth billions of dollars, yet has such a poor success rate.

The reality is when you make changes to your nutrition there are two distinct battles that are being fought that you’re neglecting to recognize.
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EP040: My 3 Biggest Insights From Attending This Top Entrepreneurial Event

Last year I went to an event my friend, Adam Bornstein puts on called two12. This annual event brings together some of the top entrepreneurs in the US, and gives attendees the opportunity to spend time with them in an intimate small group setting. It’s the place to be if you want the latest business, life and relationship building advice.

When I was there I got a number of key insights from both the speakers and my fellow attendees that I’ve been putting to action ever since. Here are my most memorable.


  • How I’ve been able to build so many quality relationships in the industry plus simple tips on how you can too
  • Why doing more of less and finding out what your unique abilities are is going to improve your life and exponentially grow your business
  • The reason you sedate and spend a lot of time and energy on things that don’t move your business forward and how to turn it around
  • The simple formula I use to break down any goals so that I can see the daily actions I need to take to succeed
  • The reason behind why even just 5 habit changes in a year can completely change your life — which 5 are you focusing on?
  • The quote of wisdom to live by and put on your wall
  • How you can extract wisdom from your life that is as profound as the one from the Greek philosophers

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EP039: Dietary Myths Debunked and Nutrition Coaching For People Struggling With Progress with Cody McBroom

One of the most frequent questions we receive at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance is about our nutrition coaching. The inquiries come from both clients and coaches (from other training facilities) and typically include a note about how the tactic they read about on the Internet didn’t work.

The messages also include the question, “What do I do now?”

In this episode Cody and I discuss the strategies that we use daily to successfully give our clients amazing results. We also go into the deeper principles surrounding HOW we help clients crack to the code to their nutrition and make a long-term change to their lifestyle.


  • Common dietary myths and how they continue to distract people from the correct nutrition principles
  • The “Mindless Margin” and how it is slowly causing you to put on weight unknowingly
  • The reason why people eat old popcorn without noticing that it is stale and how this behavior will affect your body transformation results
  • Three easy changes that you can make to your environment that will help you achieve your fat loss goals
  • The kick ass strategy that will teach you how to focus on smaller segments of your macros and how it will make everything easier for your clients on a weight loss journey
  • The mysterious reason why we eat past full — that has everything to do with our beliefs and experiences — and how to break the pattern
  • Why studying Sherlock Holmes and being a detective is critical to be a great nutrition coach
  • How food companies created a perfect combination of foods that create a dopamine reaction in our brain that makes it hard for us to stop eating
  • The answer to the question, “Should you prescribe macros or not?” and how to apply the answer to a client’s (or your) nutrition plan
  • What to do when a client gets discouraged and starts falling off of their nutrition plan
  • The reason people lose self-esteem and how to fix it
  • How to make bad habits harder to do and good habits much easier to do
  • The answer to the question. “Does intermittent fasting work and when should I use it with clients?”

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17 Parts To Building An Extraordinary Life and Body

We all strive to live an extraordinary life, because who in their right mind wants to stay at ordinary? That’s right – Nobody does.

But the sad truth in today’s day and age is that a very small amount of the population truly understands how to achieve a life that is extraordinary and a body to carry you through it. Not to mention there’s even fewer out there who will take control and ownership of leading other men through that process.

See over the last decade or more Luka Hocevar has ran businesses, traveled the world, studied everything under the sun, learned from some of the greats, had amazing relationships, went through terrible experiences (physically, emotionally, and mentally), and experienced massive ups and downs through it all.

I myself have a similar story, except I had the honor of starting that entire process at a much younger age. Over the last 7 years I’ve transformed my body losing 50lbs of fat, started mentoring under Luka – and some other greats – soaking up insights from all of Luka’s experiences above, started traveling to experience life, had outstanding relationships and plenty of not-so-outstanding ones, built my own successful business, coached hundreds of people and reached thousands online around the world, and have worked harder then ever to fight my own mental battles and demons along the way.
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EP038: How To Become The Master Of Your Craft And Accelerate Your Learning In Any Area 

One of the questions that I get asked over and over again is, “How do you and your team at Vigor Ground learn so much so fast?”

Growing up I was a kid who always got into trouble with teachers and had a tough time learning, so I am continually humbled by that question.

As an adult I am obsessed with learning (and perfecting) my craft. In this episode I cover some of the principles around how I learn and accelerate results at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance. I also dive into how to apply those principles to your life. Everything from the best way to learn for YOU, the 5 components of learning, the pyramid of deep learning and the exact way I go about becoming a master at my craft.


  • The 3 main learning styles and how to know which one will help you learn the fastest
  • The shocking truth about how little you learn from “just reading” and what you can do to maximize your skill-set
  • Why you should learn, take notes, do it yourself, then present to people to warp speed your coaching
  • The “secret” behind my accelerated learning and why I have gone to 170+ seminars and courses in the last 10 years
  • How to get deep knowledge infused in your brain like Neo in the Matrix by using my stacking model of learning
  • The reason we call it “active learning” and the link missing from your life that will help you increase your learning speed
  • How you can apply this framework to your life and have people asking you how you accelerated so fast
  • The 5 components of learning and how to use them to become a Jedi learning master
  • Why the real philosophers took action and didn’t just pontificate (wisdom comes from action)

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