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EP021: Nutrition, Lifestyle and Habit Strategies That Work (And Go Against What Most Media Tells You)

I sat down with coach Cody from Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance to talk about the perspectives, mindsets, skill sets and strategies that we implement with our clients to help them change behaviors and get them closer to their goals — while making fitness and nutrition a sustainable stress-free part of their lives. We dig into some very specific examples as well as shine a light on some of the things that most fitness media pushes as the solution, when it fact it may lead to a roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain.

If you look deeper at this conversation there are many strategies that you can use in principle to help change your behavior — whether related to nutrition or any other lifestyle factor. As I’ve said before, nutrition coaching is more about inter personal skills and psychology than it is about the x’s and o’s.

If you’re looking to change your habits to help you achieve your goals then don’t miss this episode.


  • What NOT to do – even though it’s what main fitness media pushes when it comes to your nutrition
  • Why Cody and myself fall into level 1 when it comes to nutrition, even though we stay year round, and the reason most people take on too difficult of a behavior change and fail
  • The limiting factors that are stopping you from changing your nutrition and lifestyle for good
  • One of the key factors to improving the quality of the nutrients you are getting into your diet, and the drill we use with clients to add variety and success into their nutrition plan
  • Some ways to build fundamental skills that are fun, build community and end up transforming your habits long-term
  • The SIMPLE and yet fastest way to change your environment and change your night time eating and snacking
  • How to cut out caffeine, alcohol and sugar beverages with success and improve your hydration
  • The “all or nothing” mindset that rarely gets us ______ and gets us _________ most of the time
  • The MOST important habit anyone can develop and the strategies you can implement to help you develop it
  • The HALT acronym and how these questions can stop you from thinking you’re hungry when you’re not
  • One of the reasons why it’s so easy to overindulge in the foods that don’t help you lose weight or build lean muscle
  • 3 skill sets you need to learn of you want to avoid repeating a cycle of frustration with your nutrition
  • The step-by-step approach to eliminating all the things that are holding you back, one-by-one (this simple strategy works but most people don’t do it because it’s so easy)
  • The one habit that can change your energy levels, make you feel better, think clearer and treat people nicer
  • And much more

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Take Control Of Your Eating, Body, and Lifestyle Workshop w/ Luka Hocevar

We know more about the science of fat loss and weight loss.

There is more information out there than ever on “how to ______” (fill in the blank with anything you want to achieve).

And yet obesity, cancer, diabetes, low self-esteem, depressions, etc. are all at an all time high.

I’d have you consider that even though so much information is out there, it is more confusing than ever and the reality is whatever is going on is NOT producing results (if we look at the average as a nation).

And as a mentor once told me…

To know and not do do, is not to know

So what is producing results and what is working for people that are not only creating body transformations, but also sustaining that way of life and never looking back?
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EP020: The Not So Secret Principle Of Success That Is The Key To Everything I Do

Many years ago I read a book with a quote from Steve Martin as the title that really hit home for me. Not only has the quote been etched into my mind ever since, I also have a poster of it up in my office, a screenshot on my desktop, and note cards with the phrase written on them.

Excessive? Maybe, but maybe not.

This quote reminds me to focus on the process while highlighting an important fact: no one is to blame for my failures, and it is my responsibility to hone my skills so that I don’t get ignored in the areas I want to excel in.

Whether it’s personal or business, the advice and perspective I give in this episode will help you focus on the right things to help you achieve the things that you want. Taking control of your nutrition and lifestyle choices, becoming the best at your skill — and getting recognized for it — creating deep meaningful relationships, creating wealth, or just being able to dominate pick up basketball at your local gym, all comes down to this mindset.

Discover what it is and examples of how to take action on it.


  • How Steve Martin figured out the principle that helped him (in spite of some huge struggles) become one of the best and most recognized comedians in the world
  • The secret to reverse engineering any type of success you want to achieve — no matter the area of focus (i.e. your body, mindset, relationships, business, or anything in between)
  • How to know if you’re mixing up the steps in the process and hindering your own success
  • What to do if you caught in a cycle of falling on and off of your wagon to progress
  • How my friend Hieu used the same process to put on 25 lbs of muscle and get leaner, while becoming a pretty damn good photographer using this same step-by-step approach
  • The mystery of why so many of the world’s greatest artists came from one small city in Italy in a very short time period in history, and why they are still considered among the best to this day. I’ll teach you how to steal their secret
  • How I developed myself as a strength coach while training 5-6 hours a day and playing professional basketball **This is the key to how you can change anything in your life right now
  • My rant on whether you should be teaching a certain skill set to someone else or focusing on yourself and succeeding at that craft first
  • How Tony Robbins fast-forwarded his success with this strategy and how you can use it in your field/industry

Book: So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest For The Work You Love (Cal Newport)
Book: Deep Work: Rules For Focused Success In A Distracted World (Cal Newport)
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10 Of Your Top Nutrition Questions Answered (Without Making You More Frustrated And Confused)

Nutrition is a confusing, frustrating, somewhat annoying, and unbelievably controversial topic. I know what you’re thinking, “Why in the hell is a ‘Nutrition Coach’ talking down on nutrition like this?!

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. It confuses, stresses out, and annoys many of the clients we work with here at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance. Then, when us coaches talk with other coaches it turns into a very controversial topic because everyone has their favorite nutrition strategy, many believe that _____ is the ONLY way to coach it, and at the media is blasting us with so many poorly constructed product ads that it gets in everyone’s head negatively.

But to be honest and a little crazy in the head… This is probably why I love it so much. It’s a wild animal and I’m excited by the chase in catching it, you could say.

So today, we decided to provide a blog that wouldn’t just going to help you solve the struggles you’re experiencing with nutrition… But instead, literally take the top 10 questions we tend to receive (after working with hundreds and reaching thousands of people), answer them for you, and do so in a way that will finally end the frustration and confusion.
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EP019: The Strong, Jacked And Pain Free Training Model w/ Dr. John Rusin

Years ago I spoke on stage with Dr. John Rusin and after listening to him I started digging into his writing, training and philosophies. They aligned with so many of my thoughts after pushing my body for decades and having a number of injuries that really threw a wrench in my progress and even my career in sports.

Going heavy, fast and hard at all times when it comes to training — even though it may sound “beast mode” — is actually a sure path to feeling beat up and in pain, which will ultimately stall your progress. Dr. Rusin has found a model that works with just about everyone when it comes to getting strong and jacked without the risk of injury.

If you want to maximize your performance over the long-term you have to follow and pay strict attention to a smart model of programming, form and training. If you follow what most advice tells you then you’re likely to get injured at one point or another. Dr. John Rusin joins me on the podcast and will change your perspective of what smart training really is.


  • How Dr. Rusin created the pain-free high performance training model after working with some of the highest level athletes in the world and realizing that most people get injured and believe that it’s just part of the training process (when in fact many training injuries could be prevented)
  • What attracted me to the FHT program and ultimately drew me into Dr. Rusin’s philosophy
  • The reason Dr. Rusin turned down $100k as a physical therapist to become a strength coach and start from the ground up
  • The principles that you should follow if you want to dominate at pick-up basketball, flag football or ultimate frisbee and look like a muscular athlete for the long haul
  • The HUGE mistake that most trainees make when it comes to building strength and muscle (this is most likely completely off your radar)
  • The 3 issues you must address for optimal performance
  • The biggest misconception about body part splits and what gets the best results long-term
  • Why the long game approach gets you the best results (many times even short-term)
  • How to keep training fun and not burn out while also building muscle and improving strength
  • The “pie” analogy for how to fit your most important goals into your training program (this has helped many see a different perspective while simplifying it)
  • Why using less weight can make you stronger and get you better results
  • How to unlock the “parking break” that may be stopping you from improving your muscle mass and performance

Dr. John Rusin
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EP018: Strategies And Tools To Help You Change With Less Overwhelm

In the past I had a tendency to take on a ton of action steps, then get frustrated when I completed fewer tasks than I set out to accomplish. This pattern quickly became a vicious cycle that kept me from achieving the things that I wanted to, while making me feel stressed about the fact that I wasn’t hitting my targets — which left me with a sense of failure.

With time, a lot of studying and coaching I realized that there was a better way to approach achieving my goals — and feel good about it when I did. I wanted to share this process — which I now teach to Vigor Ground clients to help build behaviors that lead to long-term results — with you so that you can implement them in your life and start seeing the results that you want


  • The ONE thing that you need to know to keep you from feeling like you’re shooting in the dark or driving around with a broken GPS
  • The four questions that you must ask yourself before before outlining action steps for what you are looking to achieve. Without these you may be putting energy into a plan that is doomed to fail
  • Why you can’t live life like the Super Mario Bros and skip a level to get faster results; and why sticking with ‘Level 1’ — no matter what your goal is — is the fastest and most sustainable way to achieve your goals
  • The limiting factors that are stopping you from changing your nutrition and lifestyle, and how to apply the lessons from these limitations to any part of life and overcome your obstacles
  • The “magic formula” that gives you easy tasks that will help you change faster. Once you accept this process you will make progress in every area you want to improve in
  • How to build confidence and self-esteem – a strategy that will become the catalyst for you changing your life (most people have blinders on when it comes to this, and I explain why)
  • The step-by-step blueprint that outlines how to break down your goals into daily practices (this in itself is worth the price of admission)
  • How I breakdown “building muscle” into behaviors and how you can apply this process to all other areas of your life

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EP017: How Sleep Changed My Body, Mind And Life And 15 Strategies To Change Yours

How much are you sleeping? It’s a question that the average American answers with 6.8 hours (this is a statistics – most people don’t actually know the exact amount of sleep they getting) which is down by about an hour from the 1940s, and continues to drop. Sleep is the magic potion that helps improve your body, cognitive function, health, performance, and even your relationships. Yet many people tend to brush it off because it’s not as sexy as a superfood, supplement, or transformation exercise program. If you are one of those people, it’s time to change your view of sleep and start making time for it.

In this podcast I share how and why I went from a guy who slept less than 4-5 hours per night to a regular 8-hour per night sleeper. And dive into the science behind why sleep is important. I also outline a few strategies that you can implement right now to help improve the quality of your sleep.


  • How I went from a hustler and active member of #TeamNoSleep to crashing and burning – and how I got out of that hole
  • How I started training less and sleeping more, and why that help me get leaner, stronger and happier This may be the bottleneck keeping you from seeing results
  • How sleep affects your relationships more than you can probably imagine
  • Why people like The Rock, Diddy and 50 Cent can sleep less but still get a ton done – and what they could actually achieve if they slept more
  • Why sleep is the missing ingredient in long-term fat loss This is clinically-proven
  • Why going to bed at the right time is more important than how many hours you sleep
  • Why the first and last 90 minutes of the day make or break your entire day, and how to make it count
  • Why poor sleep quality depresses brain function and leads to poor performance at work
  • How to calm your mind so you can fall asleep faster
  • What mineral deficiency can cause severe sleep problems (and how to fix it)
  • Why caffeine in the morning can be a good thing but taking it later in the day can crush your sleep — unless you have _____
  • My ritual of the Russian Bath House and how you can re-create this in your home and sleep like a baby
  • The $8.99 investment that was a game changer for my sleep
  • What Buddy Morris considers his #1 tactic to health, and why he recommends doing it naked
  • What foods to eat to get the nutrients you may be deficient that may currently be sabotaging your sleep

LeanKit: See Your Work Flo
Onnit Supplements (For Sleep)Book: Sleep Smarter – 21 Essential Strategies To Sleep Your Way To A Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success (Shawn Stevenson)
Sleep Mask
Bedside Lamp Smart Morning Wake Up
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EP016: Lessons From Richard Branson and How To Create An Environment For Success

Last April I visited Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands and got the chance to spend time with Richard Branson, Yanik Silver and the Maverick group of entrepreneurs. This trip was made possible by an Evolved Enterprise Award that I received for Vigor Ground Fitness — an award that is given to individuals who have built a business that is helping change things in their community in creative charitable ways, while influencing other small businesses to do the same.

The trip was not only motivating, but also inspirational because it helped me realize that I can do so much more when it comes to supporting others in my community.

In this episode I explain how/why our environment shapes us, and how you can mold your environment to help you succeed.


  • How environments trigger behaviors and what that means for your success, or lack of it
  • What Richard Branson did with Necker Island to create an environment that helps him do meaningful work and lead a fulfilled life
  • How you can make small changes that create big results in transforming your own environment, even when you can’t buy your own island — I’ve had to deal with that reality too
  • Why you need to imagine the people and places that trigger you to take actions towards your goals
  • The importance of writing out where you are currently at, and why the difference is “the gap”
  • How to assess and make a change to your environment if it isn’t serving you and/or keeping you from reaching your goals
  • Why people are drowning in information and thirsty for transformation

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EP015: 17 Lessons and Rules To Building Phenomenal Relationships That Enhance Your Life

There’s few things that make life more fulfilling than relationships and experiences. When you combine the two it really makes for the best life. In the last three years of speaking I kept getting asked the following question: “Luka, how did you create so many meaningful, powerful relationships in your life?” To answer this question I decided to look back and share my thoughts, experiences and 17 lessons that I have learned over the years that will help you build phenomenal relationships in your life – whether they be in your business or personal life. I also go into how you can create things that help people and do meaningful things in business with your friends – which is one of my favorite things.


  • Two things that your life will suck without – and how most people don’t pay attention to them
  • A little secret I figured out to help connect me to just about anyone – that will also work for you
  • The #1 rule — when it comes to building relationships – and how if you break it
  • How this tactic and 10 minutes of your time can make you stand out in a crowd and supercharge your business relationship building
  • Why looking someone in the eye can tell them about your self confidence and create trust
  • Why taking risks is a rule when building powerful relationships and the reason why most people don’t take them
  • What the “Like Formula” is and how knowing and mastering this can change your relationships, business, and life
  • Why focusing on the motive to meet with someone can be the recipe for failure
  • Why the best business relationships are with people who you respect, enjoy and have a great personal relationship with – and how to create these sorts of relationships
  • Why the higher up the ladder you go the more cautious people will be about your advances, and the steps you need to take to build trust fast
  • One of the most important rules when it comes to creating relationships and building trust – and the proven way to bring that rule to life without making any mistakes
  • The strategy I use to to add remarkable value to other people using a 4 x 6 card – this has become the secret to supercharge my networks
  • How my experience with a hair stylist (I know I have no hair but hear me out) in Santa Monica can get you to build better relationships and bring happiness to people’s lives

Book: Little Black Book of Connections – 6.5 Assets For Networking Your Way to RICH Relationships (Jeffrey Gitomer)
Book: Never Eat Alone; And Other Secrets To Success, One Relationship at a Time (Keith Ferrazzi)
Book: Choose Yourself – Be Happy, Make Millions, Live The Dream (James Altucher)
Book: The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F@*k – A Counterintuitive Approach To Living A good Life (Mark Mason)
TED Talks
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EP014: 5 Things To Help You Live A Better Life and Achieve Coaching Greatness with Martin Rooney

The originator of the fitness system Training For Warriors and my good friend, Martin Rooney drops by to talk about his new book, “The 5 Things” and how he has traveled the world and accumulated lessons, ideas, and action steps through his journeys. Discover and learn how you can lead a fulfilled life, and get a better body, better relationships, a better career, business and finances by following Martin’s system.


  • How Martin traveled the world, learned lessons and ideas and broke them down into 5 actionable steps you can take today
  • Why fitness is making things confusing and how it’s what’s stopping people from taking action and getting results
  • Martin’s 5 BIG things to live a better life and how you can start taking action on them today
  • How Martin wrote a chapter of a book while driving in the passenger seat in Slovenia, and how it applies to your life and getting results
  • The 5 F’s to living a better life and how missing any one of these can break down all the others
  • What “the line” is and how you are walking past that line every day to achieve all the things you want in your life
  • The power of doing small things consistently (that are not overwhelming) and how it can create a snowball effect of results in your life
  • Why asking yourself the right questions and “watching” is the first step to awareness, and how it can be the kick in the pants you need to motivate you to change
  • The rituals that Martin and I do while on the road, and how your rituals determine your day and life
  • What to look for on a resume that will predict that person’s success < this is crucial to any business owner
  • Why you shouldn’t listen to things that help you just once and instead should repeat them over and over again
  • The 3 forms of happiness that make up your life and how you can create an endless amount of “colors” to your life’s experience through this philosophy < this episode is worth the listen just for this!

Book: The Book Of The Five Things – Powerful Lessons For A Happier, Healthier and Richer Life (Martin Rooney)
The Training For Warriors System That Is Changing Fitness
Book: Resilience – Hard Won Wisdom For Living A Better Life (Eric Greitens)
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