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EP038: How To Become The Master Of Your Craft And Accelerate Your Learning In Any Area 

One of the questions that I get asked over and over again is, “How do you and your team at Vigor Ground learn so much so fast?”

Growing up I was a kid who always got into trouble with teachers and had a tough time learning, so I am continually humbled by that question.

As an adult I am obsessed with learning (and perfecting) my craft. In this episode I cover some of the principles around how I learn and accelerate results at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance. I also dive into how to apply those principles to your life. Everything from the best way to learn for YOU, the 5 components of learning, the pyramid of deep learning and the exact way I go about becoming a master at my craft.


  • The 3 main learning styles and how to know which one will help you learn the fastest
  • The shocking truth about how little you learn from “just reading” and what you can do to maximize your skill-set
  • Why you should learn, take notes, do it yourself, then present to people to warp speed your coaching
  • The “secret” behind my accelerated learning and why I have gone to 170+ seminars and courses in the last 10 years
  • How to get deep knowledge infused in your brain like Neo in the Matrix by using my stacking model of learning
  • The reason we call it “active learning” and the link missing from your life that will help you increase your learning speed
  • How you can apply this framework to your life and have people asking you how you accelerated so fast
  • The 5 components of learning and how to use them to become a Jedi learning master
  • Why the real philosophers took action and didn’t just pontificate (wisdom comes from action)

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EP037: Your Greatest Asset And How To Get The Best ROI On Your Body, Business and Life

Most people don’t have an investment plan (personally, financially, etc.). But as I have said before, without a path and a plan the default is always struggle.

For people that do invest, it tends to be in others.

In this episode I cover the most important philosophy when it comes to personal development and why even people that “know this” end up investing in areas that lose them time, health, money and life!

Learn how to change where you invest and get the best return on investment ever.


  • How to brainwash yourself to success and my strategy to go from a knucklehead who barely showed up at school and got in trouble all the time to reading 100+ books every year and owning multiple successful businesses
  • The shocking answers that I got from some of my close friends when I asked them what their number one asset was (and why these answers should scare you)
  • The not so hidden secret behind what your number one asset is and why most people STILL don’t invest in it
  • The difference between your number one asset and your number one investment and how they are closely related and either making your life amazing or miserable
  • Why you should become a linchpin even if you don’t own your own business or work for a company
  • Where your “daily deposits” go and how they’re building your human life capital
  • Why you’re betting your hard earned money into someone else’s “bets” and expecting to win
  • My morning investment for my mind, movement and emotions
  • The secret to beating failure and making it your bitch
  • The “take it to the bank” mentality and how it applies to every area of your life
  • Why you need to invest daily if you are struggling with your relationships
  • => What “the King eats first”means and why a lot of people misinterpret it as selfish (when it’s really the KEY to a better relationship with yourself)
  • The exercise that will help you create clarity around the question, “Are you working towards or away from your goals?

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EP036: How To Be Ruthlessly Productive, Successful As A College Drop Out, And A Recovering Fitness Junkie w/ Nate Green

Have you ever doubted yourself and what you can achieve? So did Nate Green after having a 1.7 GPA in college. After dropping out in his first semester, Nate decided to pursue a career as a personal trainer, and hasn’t looked back since. Despite all his self-doubt, he took action. First transformed himself, then helping others do the same; which opened a world of opportunities for him.

From being an editor at T-Nation, a key figure in the growth of Precision Nutrition, a marketing genius behind some of the most successful launches in fitness, and a thoughtful and inspiring writer for his own Nate Green brand, Nate has a ton of wisdom to share.

In this episode Nate opens up about the skill-sets that he feels everyone can benefit from (no matter what field they are in). How to become ruthlessly productive, how to cut out the things that slow you down and enjoy your life (while still checking off everything on your to do list) and how he became a recovering fitness junkie.


  • How Nate had a 1.7 GPA in high school
  • Why he dropped out of college in his first semester, had low self esteem and how _________ changed everything for him
  • Why the secret of better writing is hanging out on the Eminem fan forum – Nate gives us the details
  • How gaining 40 lbs of muscle in a year changed Nate’s confidence, mindset and drive to succeed in other areas of life
  • “How to not have a real job ever” – a question that may spur you to find new possibilities in your career
  • Why finding mentors and building relationships is “fast-tracking” for any industry
  • The 3 best ways to become a better writer that will help you with marketing, better communication and beating your competition if you own a business
  • How to never be out of business and always be valuable, and why it’s all about building “transferable” and “base level” skills
  • The secret to better writing and marketing
  • The two questions that will make all of your communication clearer, more effective and successful
  • How Nate wrote, ‘The Hero Handbook’ in hours and how you can create great work fast
  • The daily rituals that make Nate happier, healthier, more productive and took his relationship to the next level
  • Why you shouldn’t take in any more information and why it may be stopping you from achieving your goals

Nate Green:
Precision Nutrition:
Book: Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less (Greg McKeown)

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EP035: The Price You Pay For Being Unremarkable And How To Fix It

Being able to look at the obstacles in your life, as well as observe others struggles (and extract the lessons) may be one of your greatest skill sets… especially if you’re able to apply what you learn.

In this episode I share two of the lessons I extracted this week. One being that marketing is the price you pay for being unremarkable – and how this applies to your body, being, relationships and business.


  • The 4 things you must do to constantly improve yourself, your competence and your business
  • The strategy that I took from Ryan Holiday that will help you create endless content, ideas, team strategies and write a book
  • How ________ is the price you pay for being unremarkable – and how to fix it
  • The question that will help you face some hard facts while also creating more opportunity than you can imagine
  • The small habit that helped me drop body fat and look the leanest I have in a long time
  • How changing your body can be done with strategic shifts day-by-day and how that can create massive results for you over time – in this episode I outline three shifts that changed mine


Vigor Ground Fitness and Business Summit
Book: The Obstacle Is The Way – The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph (Ryan Holiday)
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EP034: 18 Things All Great Coaches Do

Would you like to discover the formula to build a new skill-set? In this episode I break it down for you.

I’m always studying what the greats do in the areas of their art/skill. When I want to improve a particular skill-set I study coaches who have it – by reverse engineering who they are, what they do and how they do it.

After studying the greatest coaches and working with/under some of the world’s best, I asked myself four questions which helped me reverse engineer the 18 things great coaches do.

Discover what they are and how to use them.


  • The four questions to ask yourself when reverse engineering the greats coaching skill-sets (or any other skill-set for that matter)
  • The three daily action steps you must take if you’re working on dominating your niche and leading the marketplace
  • The “UPR” skill that most coaches don’t pay attention to that will cause you to fail with your clients and prevent you from getting results if you don’t work on it
  • “Be the _________ not the guru.” (and why this sentence is at the core of true coaching)
  • Why you’re not the hero, your clients are
  • The “Three L’s” that make up a key skill-set (this is something that most coaches don’t put enough effort into)
  • Why you’re not getting enough data
  • The “Cascade of Consequences” and how it affects you, your clients and your team (and why you MUST understand this concept to succeed)
  • How not “getting” your clients will create a wall between you and them and why you won’t be able to help them until you do
  • Why fixing weaknesses is NOT what you should focus on with your clients
  • The “Radical Candor” and why you need it to be successful with your coaching, communication and business

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EP033: My Positive Addictions And How To Dominate Your Day

This episode is almost a year old, but the mindsets and strategies that I outline within it still have the potential to transform your day from a health, happiness and productivity standpoint.

What we do today, over a lifetime, may be insignificant. Yet, what we do every day, over a lifetime, becomes the only significance.

Discover some of the positive addictions you can add to your day that will significantly change your life.


  • Why I bought 300 books and took a trip to NYC to hang with Gary Vaynerchuk
  • The first thing that I do in the morning that has changed my day (it only takes 5 minutes)
  • Why the bridge from where you are to where you want to be is filled with behaviors, and how to choose the positive addictions that will help you reach your goals
  • How the Vitamix added an hour to my day, saved me $20 and helped me become more productive
  • The 25-minute combo that will get you focused, help you see opportunities, reduce your anxiety and help you dominate your day
  • The mistake most people make that guarantees you will continue to be stressed no matter how much you achieve (and how a 5-minute daily habit can put and end to it)
  • One of the most powerful habits you can do in the morning that will help your relationships
  • How you can download the model for success from people you aspire to be in any area of life
  • How to create a plan to dominate your day and chip away at it daily

Max Shank5 Minutes of Flow
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5 Ways To Change Your Environment and Boost Your Nutrition Results

This is a guest post by Alex McMahon.

Whether you want to admit or not, your environment shapes many of the dietary decisions you make on a daily basis.

The reality is you make 200 plus food-related decisions every day, and I’d like to ask how many of them you remember making?

If you answered “not many” you’re not alone. Your environments dictates your habits and behaviors to the point that they become automatic, and don’t require much thought.

People get so focused on food and diets while neglecting the surrounding environments that control their habits and behaviors.

Your food environment can help you to get leaner and healthier, or it can chip away at your health and make you fatter.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the common food environments that are likely to sabotage your health and fat loss goals, and how you can make small changes to engineer a healthier leaner environment to live in.
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EP032: The Myth About Changing Habits And Commitment To Your Goals

One of the things I regularly mention is that it doesn’t matter if you do your best if you don’t do what is required. That doesn’t mean that doing your best isn’t extremely important, but there are certain requirements that need to be done if you are to achieve anything in life – and often there is a disconnect between what you are doing and what is required.

A big part of achieving anything is the habits that you develop – which either take you towards your goals or away from them.


  • My thoughts on some of the myths for creating habits
  • Why I show up at midnight to do a podcast, and how it’s what you’re missing to get the results you want
  • Why the people preaching at you who can build a habit in 21-days have got it all wrong, and how you can accelerate your change
  • The simple and easy trick that will help you take control of your daily battle with bad habits
  • How to break the habit loop currently stopping you from making changes in your life
  • How to use training to change your body and also train your mind to be more focused – which will in turn give you the ability to change your habits
  • The power of “the morning ritual” and how it can train you to pattern interrupt your bad habits

Vigor Ground Fitness
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Book: Deep Work – Rules For Focused Success In A Distracted World (Cal Newport)
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EP031: How To Master Your Craft, Love The Process, and Make Life One Big Adventure with Lil B

How do you go from living in a 300 square foot room with two friends, hustling to just get by (in a far away country that’s not home), to becoming on of the best black and grey tattoo artists in the world?

That’s the story of “Lil B” Hernandez, my good friend, and the person who has stabbed me more times than I can count… with a tattoo needle that is.

In this episode we talk about everything from mastery of your craft, the mindset behind growth and success, traveling the world and how attaching yourself to things can be a ball and chain for life.


  • How Lil B took something that he was passionate about and made it into his business
  • One of the biggest mistakes most people make in business and how Lil B found a way to make his tattoo art elite – this is a secret business lesson
  • The secret to becoming a master and sought out expert in your field
  • How we use humility as a weapon that allows for constant growth and improvement
  • How to take people’s visions and dreams and use your expertise to make it a masterpiece – and how you can do the same in your business
  • What makes Lil B fight the system and travel the world living life like one big adventure
  • The life experiment and why Lil B likes to sleep under the stars in places like Japan
  • How success can take you down the wrong path and how to prevent it with an unorthodox principle
  • Why relationships are your biggest asset and source of happiness

Lil B Tattoo
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The Proven 5-Step War Map For Every Mans Transformation Revealed

As a man, there are a few things we want to check off our list when it comes to transforming our body and achieving maximal results.

  • Remove the Belly. Our old pal has been with us quite a while, too long in fact… That’s the hardest thing for us guys to lose but it’s the one thing we NEED to strip down during our transformation.
  • Have Better Energy. Once mid day, early afternoon, hits us… it’s like Zeus zapped us with his lighting bolt and stole all voltage from our bodies. We crash, when we need it most – work is over, we need to hit the gym, take care of kids, have time with the wife or girlfriend… That is one thing that is in desperate need of a serious change.
  • Feel F#*king Good! From our joints to our confidence, we just want to feel good again.

If you wrapped up those 3 simple goals, it would take you back to being an athlete again… wouldn’t it? Maybe you didn’t play sports, but I’m sure there was a point in time in your life where you felt like the man. You felt strong, fast, mobile, and able to do whatever, whenever you wanted or needed to.
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