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EP053: The Nutrition Principles For A Successful Body Transformation I Share With Our Clients | Part 1

When we offer intro programs to give people the opportunity to try out Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance I often include a live nutrition seminar. In this seminar, I cover the nutrition basis to teach people the principles that will help them take control of their transformation. I’m not taking for a short time, but for good.

I’m going to share these principles with you so you can apply them to yourself and/or your clients and start making changes right away.


  • The vicious cycle that keeps people stuck in the weight loss and weight gain loop and how to break it
  • The habits of highly healthy, lean, and high performing individuals; follow these and take control of your transformation
  • Why the leanest and healthiest people do NOT follow advanced nutrition strategies and actually have less stress and overwhelm with food
  • A lesson in how just one habit change helped people achieve 4x the fat loss over a group taking on advanced strategies
  • The step-by-step principles we’ve used at Vigor Ground to help clients change their lifestyle and nutrition without adding a ton of stress to their already busy lives
  • The drag and drop strategy to making your meals, keeping them delicious and in line with your goals
  • Strategies to make life and body transformation much easier


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EP052: 15 Principles To Overcome Your Biggest Obstacles And Turn Theory Into Action

At many points in our lives we face resistance and obstacles. Some smaller than others. How we deal with these obstacles determines not only our success, but also the quality of our life.

I’ve coached thousands of clients to physical transformations and hundreds of gym owners to growing their gyms and creating a sustainable, profitable, and perennial business; and the key to each ones success were the principles I’m going to share with you today.

Overcoming obstacles breaks down into how we perceive things, how we act in the face of the obstacle, what we learn in defeat and failure and how we use that to grow.

Learn and master these principles and put them into action and your obstacles will become the stepping stones to growth and achieving your goals.


  • Why struggle can be one of the most powerful catalysts in your life
  • What Rubin “Hurricane” Carter can teach us about personal power and overcoming the toughest situations life can throw at you
  • How some people can steady their nerves in the toughest of situations – I’ll teach you their “secret” strategy
  • Why your emotions are your greatest gift and how to use them to get what you want most out of life
  • How becoming objective about situations can help you overcome even the toughest obstacles in work and life
  • One drill that will help you release the stress associated with your life struggles
  • How to zone out of all the problems in your life and zone in on the action that will help you achieve success
  • What Steve Jobs did and why you should emulate him
  • The lesson from Theodore Roosevelt that gave me a push to start another business


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EP051: The Four Things You Must Address To Change Your Body (Or Anything Else) That Few Coaches Talk About – Part One

It’s important for information/content to be produced that helps people physically transform. Yet, the X’s and O’s of “this vs. that food” isn’t helping people create meaningful change. A fact proven by statistics.

Because of this I wanted to start (and continue) producing episodes that dig deeper into the reasons WHY people are having trouble changing their body; while creating awareness, insight, as well as actionable “next steps” around coaching conversations that aren’t often had.

This episode is part one of a two part series where I dive into that strategies that we deploy at Vigor Ground (on a daily basis) to help them successfully move towards their goals—and keep those results long-term.


  • Why knowing the X’s and O’s of nutrition will give you knowledge, but won’t facilitate your transformation
  • Why creating goals without “gravity” will ultimately leads to a rollercoaster of weight loss and weight gain (or lack of consistency in ANY other area of life)
  • How Identity and Values connect with your Goals to create the ultimate motivation— without the IVG method you’ll find yourself in a constant cycle of “lack of motivation”
  • How to use stress the RIGHT way and always progress while finding the “sweet spot” (most programs get this wrong and make people get stuck with their results even though they are working hard)
  • What balance really looks like in a real world example of someone who has had success with a body transformation
  • How to make sure you’re getting what you want out of your program (and not someone else’s goals!)
  • What deceptive messages are and why knowing what food to eat won’t help if you don’t figure this out and break the loop
  • Why you shouldn’t try to eliminate bad habits, but rather work on __________ (science shows this works MUCH better)
  • What your day is really like and how to find the most powerful insights to own your day, and your transformation


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EP050: 10 Big Ideas On How To Develop Culture That Breeds Success, Growth, Purpose And Results

What do the most successful companies and organizations in the world do that makes their teams work so well together and succeed? Is it just a “fluke” that some companies do better than others, or is there more to it?

From my studies and insight I share the clarifying power of cheesy catchphrases, the necessity of feeling safe (when developing ideas with a team) and how you can use the energy of crisis to crystallize purpose in your company, team or organization.

All successful groups (no matter how seemingly different they are on the outside) operate off an identical algorithm on the inside. The formula is clear, repeatable and applicable to your life/business. Dive into the principles and methods that you can apply to make your tribe function better and succeed.


  • Why psychological safety and the answer to the question “Am I safe here?” are important factors that decide whether your business or team can work together and succeed long-term
  • The principles and tactics that have helped my favorite sports team (the San Antonio Spurs) become the most successful sports team in the past 20 years – despite having equal talent to other teams
  • The reason you must admit to your weaknesses and how doing so will improve your team
  • Why your team needs to see the connections between their current work, bigger picture long-term results and their future within the group – and the steps to make that happen
  • What Pixar, the Navy Seals and every other successful group does that is painful and yet necessary for smooth co-operation and success
  • Why inspiration is nowhere near as important as ___________ and the unique way you can work this into your business to get ahead of the competition
  • How Kindergartners beat top level executives and CEO’s in a challenge called “tallest tower” and the lesson that is crucial if you want to be able to beat other organizations with less resources and knowledge
  • What Harry Nyquist and Rochi Givechy did to make everyone consider them the super-power for their company, and how to do it in yours
  • How a restaurant super mogul turned a near catastrophe into the catalyst that made his company into the industry leader it is today, and how you can turn tragedy into triumph

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EP049: Why No Tactic Or Strategy Will Ever Work In Your Life Or Business Until You Change This

The majority of the online space is made up of brands, businesses and people pitching you the best method, tactic and strategy to help you change your body, build your business, generate more leads, improve your health, or whatever else you’re looking for. It’s not that the methods and strategies they’re sharing don’t matter. They just won’t work unless you don’t change your belief system first.

After working with 1,000’s of clients both in the world of fitness and in the world of business, along with studying behavior change and the science and biology of belief, I wanted to share some insights that will help you breakthrough the most important part of a successful transformation – your mindset.


  • How to change your internal stories so that they better facilitate your goals
  • Why millennials are more likely to achieve their goals than the older generation (over 60) and how this affects you
  • How cynicism becomes a self-protective behavior from past failures and why it might be the things that’s holding you back from achieving success
  • What Zappos, Flight and the 4-Minute Mile have in common and the key to your superpowers
  • The 4 dead giveaways that determine whether your beliefs are holding you back
  • Why you’re not great at building relationships and the change you can make to your limiting beliefs that will fix this
  • How to tell is social media is having a negative impact on your life
  • How to upgrade your beliefs and change the trajectory of your life
  • Why having the resources to do something may actually make you worse at your job/career
  • Why your past doesn’t equal the future UNLESS you make this ONE change

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EP048: A Different Approach To Happiness and How To Make Your Days Better While Getting More Done In The Process

At the end of the day we’re all seeking more happiness. In this episode I share the secret to how you can significantly increase your happiness level, while teaching you how to become more productive and successful at the same time.

If you struggle to find happiness in your day-to-day life and would like to increase your productivity so that you can drive your career further and create more impact and profit, this is the episode for you.


  • The truth about success and why the traditional teachings of it are making us miserable
  • Why success and happiness are not on the same line and how to put on a different lens so you can have both
  • Why you can search for happiness and how to actually achieve it
  • How to optimize your life and happiness with a simple exercise that will help you focus on the things that make you happy and eliminate the things that don’t
  • The happiness equation that will explain why you may be unhappy and how to change it
  • Thoughts vs. reality and suffering vs. pain, two concepts you must understand to help you change your present
  • The 5 states of thought and how to shift yourself to the ones that are aligned with what you want to feel and achieve
  • The 6 grand illusions and the 7 deadly blind spots and how they alter your reality and keep you unhappy
  • How thinking about life like a Super Mario game will turn your anxiety into excitement and help you take on challenges rather than run from them

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Detox From Diets: The Truth About Why Diets Fail And What To Do About It

I know your type…

You’re just like our client. You want to create lasting change with your body and not have the yo-yo effect and frustration of losing and gaining weight, looking and feeling amazing only to fall off because you couldn’t sustain the changes.

You want to be empowered and OWN the change that you have created.

But you don’t have all day to dedicate to fitness and nutrition.

You’re busy.

You don’t want to feel like you have to eat bland foods that are the same all the time and that your social life will get completely eliminated.

You want results and you don’t want to be sold B.S. You want the truth.

That’s why this post is for you.
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EP047: 8 Ways To Communicate Better And Supercharge Your Business, Relationships and Life

No matter what you do for work, there’s a good chance you have to communicate with people… at some point, or another. How well you do that determines not only your success at what you do, but also the quality of your relationships and connections outside of your workplace.

Having a framework for how you can improve the way you communicate with people might be the game changer that you need to make substantial improvements in your life. In this episode, I give you that blueprint, and discuss seven rules that will help you improve your conversation and listening skills.

I think you will be surprised by amazing conversation can be when you have these skills.


  • 7 rules that will help you improve your conversation and listening skills
  • Why we’re not listening to each other and why it’s creating a divide in how we behave (I’ll teach you how to fix this so that you can become more connected to people)
  • Why conversational competence is the missing link and single most overlooked skill in the 21st century
  • The myths and truths about what makes conversation great
  • The 4 stages that most people go through to improve their communication skills, and how to apply them to your life
  • The reason why quality human relationships are so important to us and why life sucks when you don’t have great relationships (and how to fix it)
  • The #1 rule for having a great conversation and connecting with people
  • Why going into every conversation wanting to find out something awesome about the other person will in fact help you find out something awesome about the other person
  • The power of “I don’t know” and why you should be using it more
  • Why building rapport is important but discover why you shouldn’t equate your experiences with others (it’s not about YOU)
  • Why conversations are not a promotional opportunity!
  • THE most important skill you can develop and the reason why I like to talk more than listen

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EP046: 10 Big Ideas On Leading Teams, Influencing People and Building Relationships

Would you like to improve your leadership and influence skills so that you can be better at guiding, motivating and building a team?

In this episode I talk about the 10 big ideas that are the foundation to success in a position of leadership and influence.

I’ve devoted a lot of time to learning how to become the best leader possible in the last 5 years – hiring coaches, reading 100’s of books and taking countless courses. Here are some of the most important things that I have learned that you must apply to win friends, influence people and lead successful teams.


  • The 5 things that the world’s leading doctors have found influence our happiness and how to apply that to yourself and the people around you
  • Why leadership is a learnable skill and the daily practices you can start doing to master it
  • The one thing you must NOT do if you want to avoid repelling people from wanting to be around you
  • Why you should admit your mistakes immediately and how this will build trust and put you in a position of leadership
  • How giving people a reputation to live up to is a secret weapon that not enough leaders use with their teams
  • The often unknown skill of radical candor, and why it’s so powerful and how to employ it with people in your life to help them grow
  • The three things that you must remember ALWAYS if you want to build powerful relationships
  • The number one mistake that leaders of teams make that causes them to lose respect and staff productivity and how to fix it

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EP045: How To Get Better Results With Your Clients and Unique Tools From The Coaches Toolbox

Frequently I dig through my notes (that date back years) and find myself getting more “aha” moments from those old notes than I do from anything new that I’ve learned.

Last week I stumbled across an old 5-year journal that housed some coaching secrets that I rarely discuss. One of those secrets is the solution to the common bottleneck that many coaches run into when it comes to getting their clients continued results with training and nutrition.

In this episode I also reveal some of the things that I’ve learned from the masters that have not only helped me get results for my clients, but also help myself.


  • Why you and your clients aren’t making “bad choices” but are stuck in a thought pattern that is leading you and clients away from their goals – I will teach you how to stop this behavior
  • The reason all your fitness and nutrition knowledge won’t help if you don’t understand this one concept then eliminate it from your client’s perception
  • How to help your clients get rid of their biggest roadblocks
  • The first thing you have to do before becoming the most effective coach in any area – this one will surprise you
  • How time can be a threat to people when there’s no expectations set, and why the unknown leads to anxiety; which then leads to _________
  • Why sentence stemming is my secret exercise to help unlock breakthroughs for my clients
  • What you can do with your clients fears to help them overcome them—so that you can get them results they never had before
  • The coaching super power that most coaches lack, and how I stumbled upon a little known secret to develop it
  • The judgement check test that will help you see if you’re doing the things that you hate to your clients
  • The mistake you’re making that is costing your clients their results and how to address it so that no client ever leaves you again
  • How to make every training session finish on a memorable moment


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