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EP033: My Positive Addictions And How To Dominate Your Day

This episode is almost a year old, but the mindsets and strategies that I outline within it still have the potential to transform your day from a health, happiness and productivity standpoint.

What we do today, over a lifetime, may be insignificant. Yet, what we do every day, over a lifetime, becomes the only significance.

Discover some of the positive addictions you can add to your day that will significantly change your life.


  • Why I bought 300 books and took a trip to NYC to hang with Gary Vaynerchuk
  • The first thing that I do in the morning that has changed my day (it only takes 5 minutes)
  • Why the bridge from where you are to where you want to be is filled with behaviors, and how to choose the positive addictions that will help you reach your goals
  • How the Vitamix added an hour to my day, saved me $20 and helped me become more productive
  • The 25-minute combo that will get you focused, help you see opportunities, reduce your anxiety and help you dominate your day
  • The mistake most people make that guarantees you will continue to be stressed no matter how much you achieve (and how a 5-minute daily habit can put and end to it)
  • One of the most powerful habits you can do in the morning that will help your relationships
  • How you can download the model for success from people you aspire to be in any area of life
  • How to create a plan to dominate your day and chip away at it daily

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5 Ways To Change Your Environment and Boost Your Nutrition Results

This is a guest post by Alex McMahon.

Whether you want to admit or not, your environment shapes many of the dietary decisions you make on a daily basis.

The reality is you make 200 plus food-related decisions every day, and I’d like to ask how many of them you remember making?

If you answered “not many” you’re not alone. Your environments dictates your habits and behaviors to the point that they become automatic, and don’t require much thought.

People get so focused on food and diets while neglecting the surrounding environments that control their habits and behaviors.

Your food environment can help you to get leaner and healthier, or it can chip away at your health and make you fatter.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the common food environments that are likely to sabotage your health and fat loss goals, and how you can make small changes to engineer a healthier leaner environment to live in.
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EP032: The Myth About Changing Habits And Commitment To Your Goals

One of the things I regularly mention is that it doesn’t matter if you do your best if you don’t do what is required. That doesn’t mean that doing your best isn’t extremely important, but there are certain requirements that need to be done if you are to achieve anything in life – and often there is a disconnect between what you are doing and what is required.

A big part of achieving anything is the habits that you develop – which either take you towards your goals or away from them.


  • My thoughts on some of the myths for creating habits
  • Why I show up at midnight to do a podcast, and how it’s what you’re missing to get the results you want
  • Why the people preaching at you who can build a habit in 21-days have got it all wrong, and how you can accelerate your change
  • The simple and easy trick that will help you take control of your daily battle with bad habits
  • How to break the habit loop currently stopping you from making changes in your life
  • How to use training to change your body and also train your mind to be more focused – which will in turn give you the ability to change your habits
  • The power of “the morning ritual” and how it can train you to pattern interrupt your bad habits

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EP031: How To Master Your Craft, Love The Process, and Make Life One Big Adventure with Lil B

How do you go from living in a 300 square foot room with two friends, hustling to just get by (in a far away country that’s not home), to becoming on of the best black and grey tattoo artists in the world?

That’s the story of “Lil B” Hernandez, my good friend, and the person who has stabbed me more times than I can count… with a tattoo needle that is.

In this episode we talk about everything from mastery of your craft, the mindset behind growth and success, traveling the world and how attaching yourself to things can be a ball and chain for life.


  • How Lil B took something that he was passionate about and made it into his business
  • One of the biggest mistakes most people make in business and how Lil B found a way to make his tattoo art elite – this is a secret business lesson
  • The secret to becoming a master and sought out expert in your field
  • How we use humility as a weapon that allows for constant growth and improvement
  • How to take people’s visions and dreams and use your expertise to make it a masterpiece – and how you can do the same in your business
  • What makes Lil B fight the system and travel the world living life like one big adventure
  • The life experiment and why Lil B likes to sleep under the stars in places like Japan
  • How success can take you down the wrong path and how to prevent it with an unorthodox principle
  • Why relationships are your biggest asset and source of happiness

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The Proven 5-Step War Map For Every Mans Transformation Revealed

As a man, there are a few things we want to check off our list when it comes to transforming our body and achieving maximal results.

  • Remove the Belly. Our old pal has been with us quite a while, too long in fact… That’s the hardest thing for us guys to lose but it’s the one thing we NEED to strip down during our transformation.
  • Have Better Energy. Once mid day, early afternoon, hits us… it’s like Zeus zapped us with his lighting bolt and stole all voltage from our bodies. We crash, when we need it most – work is over, we need to hit the gym, take care of kids, have time with the wife or girlfriend… That is one thing that is in desperate need of a serious change.
  • Feel F#*king Good! From our joints to our confidence, we just want to feel good again.

If you wrapped up those 3 simple goals, it would take you back to being an athlete again… wouldn’t it? Maybe you didn’t play sports, but I’m sure there was a point in time in your life where you felt like the man. You felt strong, fast, mobile, and able to do whatever, whenever you wanted or needed to.
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EP030: Renegade Lessons To Being Healthy, Wealthy and Wise From Your 20’s To Your 50’s w/ Jay Ferruggia

Jason Ferruggia has gone from building one of the first, and most successful underground gyms, to going broke, to building an incredibly successful online business. He is now the host of the Renegade Radio podcast – which has millions of downloads.

Renegade Radio is an entertaining and informative show that empowers you to unleash your strongest self. You get motivation and strategies to build your body, strengthen your mind, and live a life without regrets.

In this episode Jay and I talk about the biggest lessons, mindsets and strategies to build a fulfilling life in the areas of healthy, wealthy and wise – from decades of our experiences, mistakes and triumphs.


  • The best way to train for the rest of your life to stay strong and lean, without beating up your body so that you can also have longevity – The answer will surprise you!
  • The message Quest Love put out on social media that shined a light on the disconnect between fitness professionals and people wanting to change their lifestyle, and how it can affect your results
  • Why we fit pros need to “come into their world” if we want to help others change their habits
  • The best diet for getting lean, healthy, having energy, and building longevity and a life with less sickness
  • How to breakdown eating more or less protein, carbs and fat whether your focus is longevity, performance, or getting ripped
  • How being an introvert or extrovert affects your training in different ways and how not paying attention to it could lead you away from results
  • The 3 biggest mistakes when starting a business and the one thing you MUST avoid at all costs if you are starting one
  • The astonishingly different approaches to starting your own business, and why you shouldn’t listen to some guru’s advice
  • Why getting more personally involved with charity causes and your community will help you be happier, more productive and more profitable
  • And much, much more

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EP029: The Two Not So Magic Questions That Will Get You To Better Results

There are certain perspectives in life that create awareness to truly help you change. One of them for me was finding out the difference between difficult/easy and difficult/difficult. The first time I heard this was back in the day from my friend Alwyn Cosgrove, then later on again from John Berardi.

I have made asking myself two simple questions an ongoing part of my life to help me figure out what I needed to drop and what I needed to do more of. Learn those questions and the perspective that help me eliminate some things while adding others to improve my results in all areas of life.


  • Why doing “hard” things and working hard may be the reason you’re stuck and not getting results
  • Difficult actions have two sides of the coin – find out if you’re putting time and effort into the wrong one and how it’s taking away from what you want and creating a pattern that’s hard to break
  • The ONE thing that creates more stress and anxiety in your life and how to eliminate it
  • The secret to uncovering your roadblocks — the two questions — discover what they are and how to breakthrough
  • What the “opposite day” is and how can it help you clarify what the next step to success
  • The reason why you fall back into old patterns after you start having success, and how to finally break that pattern and reach your potential

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EP028: Practices To Do Better Work and Live A Better Life – The Happiness Advantage

A few weeks ago I went to Brazil with my brother to shoot a documentary on movement culture and how environments trigger behaviors. The trip however ended up being so much more than that – becoming one of the best experiences of my life.

I realized how much we chase “things” to create happiness, when in actuality we can have happiness now, in every aspect of our lives.

Happiness is a powerful beast that will actually help you achieve the success that you want, while also improving your life.

In the episode I talk about real actionable strategies and practices that you can implement daily that will help you be happier, have more energy, more cognitive capacity and do better work that leads to success.


  • The revelation I had while playing foot volley on a beach in Brazil, and how it will shift your perspective on life
  • The single biggest reason it’s so hard to be happy
  • 7 ways to be happy RIGHT NOW
  • The 3-minute exercise that my friend made me do that made me realize how I choose not to be happy (and so do you!)
  • Why we have the formula for success all wrong and how to flip in on its head for massive results
  • The biggest problem with external goals
  • The sad and unfortunate reason we listen to critics in the first place
  • The dream we all have that is completely wrong
  • The huge mistake when studying the average and why it has made you unsuccessful
  • The secret sauce in “falling up” and how it is the key to happiness and growth

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EP027: Overcoming Adversity And The 5 C’s Of Building A Legit Sports Performance Business w/ Andy McCloy

Have you gone through hardships in your life and feel like you won’t be able to achieve your dreams because of them? In this episode I sit down with my friend Andy McCloy, who — like me — has had to overcome a tough and “colorful” past to get where he is now.

Andy fought through adversity to build one of the most successful sports performance businesses in the south, and in this episode we discuss how.

We talk about everything from growing up and getting into trouble, the catalyst that lead Andy to make a change, and how fitness and youth sports inspired him to build his business – while mentoring kids in their early teens all the way up to pro ranks.

Andy’s philosophy will give you a lot of insight into the success of his programs and the blueprint to succeed in any career.


  • What lured Andy to a life of crime and the catalyst that made him realize things have to change
  • The secret lesson that is responsible for success in some people and failure in others
  • The book that shifted Andy’s mindset and planted the seed that he could become whoever he wanted to be
  • A secret to success that most personal development programs miss – you master this and you have a tool that will help you overcome the hardest of times
  • How your environment’s trigger your behavior much more than you think, and the step-by-step process to shift what you do fast
  • A new way to present your business, the “BCI wheel” and how you can implement it into any fitness business (especially those geared to youth sports performance)
  • How to influence parents that you are the right coach for their kids based on more than just the X’s and O’s of training
  • The 8 spokes that create a super athlete – mind, body and soul
  • The reason Andy is not big on “sport-specific” training when it comes to youth, and why it’s something they don’t focus on much at BCI
  • The astonishing way to make better decisions in your business
  • The 5 C’s of building any great career or business — whether it be a gym or anything else — and the bonus “C” I add at the end that you must master whether you like it or not

BCI – Body Creations
Book: Awaken The Giant Within (Tony Robbins)
Book: The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

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The Foods That Fight Inflammation & Simple Ways To Add Them Into Your Day Without Stress

Lets talk about inflammation first. What is it? Where does it happen? And why should you worry about it?

in • flam • ma • tion“A localized physical condition in which part of the body becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful, especially as a reaction to injury or infection.”

Well according to Google’s definition, it sounds horrible and I’m sure we can all agree that we should stay away from this inflammation thing.

But lets go to some practical experience, some ways I’ve seen it affect my clients physical and internal bodies and therefore, the results they may see.
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