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Every now and again I get this uncontrollable feeling inside of me where I just have to sit down and write an article like this. I can’t explain it. I believe part of it is because it’s time to write … Continue reading

Deserve It First

What do you deserve to have? Have you told yourself that you “deserve” something in an area of life which you currently don’t have? This is a quote from one of my mentors that I’ve always remembered… Design The Life … Continue reading

The Power of Assumption and Choice

It all started with a simple question – “Yes or No?” That was it. Nothing else. Period. And what concluded afterwards was pretty interesting. I had an idea that I wanted to ‘test’, so I simply took action and went to … Continue reading

Putting a Down Deposit On Happiness

A few months back my wife cleaned out our magazine rack at home and threw out lots of old issues. All but about 5 to 6 magazines were all the remained. When I was looking through what was left, I … Continue reading

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