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5 Steps To Optimize Your Hormones For Health And Weight Loss

Every few years there’s a subject or two that seems to really gain a lot of traction in the nutrition and fitness industry.  These past two to three years hormones have become a hot topic of discussion, especially when it … Continue reading

The Simplest Way To Lose Weight (And Keep It Off ) This Year With Little To No Overwhelm

When it comes to weight loss it’s not about how fast you can the lose weight, but how long you can maintain that weight loss that really matters. You see we don’t have a weight loss problem in our society, … Continue reading

11 Things We’ve Learned Coaching Nutrition To People Who Have Failed Over and Over

We’ve had tens of thousands of people walk through the doors here at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance and as you can imagine, we’ve learned a thing or two (to say the absolute least). The biggest and most influential things … Continue reading

How To Naturally Increase Testosterone Through Nutrition, Training and Lifestyle Habit Changes

Ask any random guy on the street if they’d like to increase their testosterone levels, regardless if they’re low or if they even know where their levels are at, and I guarantee he’ll say yes. It’s the nature of man. … Continue reading

12 Simple Strategic Changes To Make Nutrition Work For You

This is a guest post by Alex McMahon. When it comes to making dietary changes a lot of people feel intimidated because they’ve been lead to believe that you need to make massive changes right away to get results. However … Continue reading

5 Ways To Change Your Environment and Boost Your Nutrition Results

This is a guest post by Alex McMahon. Whether you want to admit or not, your environment shapes many of the dietary decisions you make on a daily basis. The reality is you make 200 plus food-related decisions every day, … Continue reading

The Foods That Fight Inflammation & Simple Ways To Add Them Into Your Day Without Stress

Lets talk about inflammation first. What is it? Where does it happen? And why should you worry about it? in • flam • ma • tion – “A localized physical condition in which part of the body becomes reddened, swollen, … Continue reading

9 Tips for Structuring a Successful Diet

When it comes to getting leaner and healthier with nutrition you’ll generally try to take on more change than you can handle in the long run. Trying to walk before you crawl with with nutrition is a surefire path to … Continue reading

10 Of Your Top Nutrition Questions Answered (Without Making You More Frustrated And Confused)

Nutrition is a confusing, frustrating, somewhat annoying, and unbelievably controversial topic. I know what you’re thinking, “Why in the hell is a ‘Nutrition Coach’ talking down on nutrition like this?!” Well, it’s actually pretty simple. It confuses, stresses out, and … Continue reading

The No B.S. Nutrition Seminar: Discover Why You Are Stuck With Your Body Transformation (And What To Do About It)

How do you feel about where you are with your nutrition and lifestyle right now? If you’re frustrated from doing diets and seeing some results only to putting weight back on, then this seminar is for you. If you’ve seen … Continue reading

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