5 Ways To Change Your Environment and Boost Your Nutrition Results

This is a guest post by Alex McMahon. Whether you want to admit or not, your environment shapes many of the dietary decisions you make on a daily basis. The reality is you make 200 plus food-related decisions every day, and I’d like to ask how many of them you remember making? If you answered […]

9 Tips for Structuring a Successful Diet

When it comes to getting leaner and healthier with nutrition you’ll generally try to take on more change than you can handle in the long run. Trying to walk before you crawl with with nutrition is a surefire path to overwhelm and returning to your old habits. If you haven’t taken the time to build […]

10 Of Your Top Nutrition Questions Answered (Without Making You More Frustrated And Confused)

Nutrition is a confusing, frustrating, somewhat annoying, and unbelievably controversial topic. I know what you’re thinking, “Why in the hell is a ‘Nutrition Coach’ talking down on nutrition like this?!” Well, it’s actually pretty simple. It confuses, stresses out, and annoys many of the clients we work with here at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance. […]

[Infographic]: The Handful Diet – How To Create YOUR Own Meal Plans

We shared the 10 Principles of Results Based Nutrition in the last blog post that sets the foundation for lifestyle-based changes. (You can check it out HERE) How you look, feel and perform is not about what you do, it’s about who you become. “What does that even mean Luka?” You may do something for […]

[Infographic]: Top 10 Principles for Results Based Nutrition

If you’re frustrated with the results you’ve achieved through your body transformation or are just starting on your journey; and nutrition is/has been the main culprit in stopping you from reaching your goals, then read this. First, a couple questions: Do you like simple or do you like complex in your life? How about when […]

3 Steps To Better Lifestyle Nutrition

In today’s society we look for a few major things when it comes to eating; convenience, cost, and taste. By this I mean we want what’s right there for us, ready to go and easy to grab. We want something that wont break our bank. And last but not least, it’s got to taste good […]

37 Tips To Burn More Fat

The second I finished my “46 Tips to Build More Muscle” blog, I knew I had to make another one in the opposing direction – Fat Loss. I knew there would be some people wishing they had a list to help them in their goals as well and rightfully so, so today I am brining […]