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11 Things We’ve Learned Coaching Nutrition To People Who Have Failed Over and Over

We’ve had tens of thousands of people walk through the doors here at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance and as you can imagine, we’ve learned a thing or two (to say the absolute least). The biggest and most influential things … Continue reading

37 Tips For A Faster Body Transformation

Transforming your body takes work. It takes discipline to stay the course and drive to truly want the end result. 9 times out of 10, it takes accountability as well. But on top of work, discipline, and accountability… it takes … Continue reading

A Man’s Search For Transformation – The Handbook

Transformation is typically defined as a physical appearance being drastically changed, for the better. But in the eyes and minds of most men, it’s much more than that. Even if you successfully transform your body, which we see here quite … Continue reading

How To Naturally Increase Testosterone Through Nutrition, Training and Lifestyle Habit Changes

Ask any random guy on the street if they’d like to increase their testosterone levels, regardless if they’re low or if they even know where their levels are at, and I guarantee he’ll say yes. It’s the nature of man. … Continue reading

17 Parts To Building An Extraordinary Life and Body

We all strive to live an extraordinary life, because who in their right mind wants to stay at ordinary? That’s right – Nobody does. But the sad truth in today’s day and age is that a very small amount of … Continue reading

The Proven 5-Step War Map For Every Mans Transformation Revealed

As a man, there are a few things we want to check off our list when it comes to transforming our body and achieving maximal results. Remove the Belly. Our old pal has been with us quite a while, too … Continue reading

“The Exact Program Tim Is Doing That Transformed His Body”

Tim is a beast, nobody at the gym debates that and everybody clearly see’s that. But he wasn’t always like that – just like every other jacked dude, he came to us with less muscle and a little more body … Continue reading

Carry Your Way To Results: Implementing Loaded Carries Into Your Program

This is a guest post by Dave Rak. Regardless of what your fitness goals may be, whether it is to rehab from an injury, get stronger, gain muscles mass, improve your fitness, or to be able to carry your grandkids, … Continue reading

3 Powerful Ways To Make the Most Out of Training Alone

This is a guest post by Dave Rak There is no doubt that training with others will make your workouts more enjoyable and also increase performance.  One major factor that separates the best gyms in the country isn’t exercise selection … Continue reading

Shifty Business: The Crossover Start

This is a guest post by Jen Sinkler “The crossover step is important because rarely are sports played in a straight line,” says Tim Moyer, MS, CPT, head volleyball coach at Philadelphia University and longtime strength and conditioning coach across … Continue reading

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