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9 Tips for Structuring a Successful Diet

When it comes to getting leaner and healthier with nutrition you’ll generally try to take on more change than you can handle in the long run. Trying to walk before you crawl with with nutrition is a surefire path to … Continue reading

Movement Checklist for Dysfunctions

This a a guest post by Dean Somerset. If someone comes into me for training and they say they want to get stronger, but have no issues with previous injuries, trauma, or whatever, I could screen them and come up … Continue reading

Putting a Down Deposit On Happiness

A few months back my wife cleaned out our magazine rack at home and threw out lots of old issues. All but about 5 to 6 magazines were all the remained. When I was looking through what was left, I … Continue reading

You’re Invincible…Until You’re Not

This a a guest post by Eric Cressey. There’s a natural progression to many lifters’ careers that happens all too frequently. A motivated teenager – we’ll call him Average Joe – starts out with strength training because he wants to … Continue reading

Getting Out of a Rut

A few days ago I remember logging onto my laptop as I was about to check my emails when I came across a photo that I was tagged on in Facebook by one of our awesome members. It was a … Continue reading

One Step Forward

So here it is. 2015. The New Year is upon us. The year in which we gravitate towards our goals, dreams and aspirations. Or is it? I know many of us have good-willed intentions to make things happen to improve … Continue reading

Bigger or Better

Have you ever heard of the game called ‘Bigger or Better”? If not, let me explain. This is a game that starts off with a small insignificant item which is offered publicly to someone in hopes to trade up for … Continue reading

Face the Truth

“I’m going to raise the bar this year!” I’ve heard this every year. Regardless of what the subject may have been. Body Relationships Business/Career Purpose Self-development In the past I’ve said that on many subjects and never ended up following … Continue reading

If You Had 20 Minutes

Have you ever wondered how much you could accomplish in short period of time, say 20 minutes? I know for a fact that I could get a lot done as can you. The only thing that can make the difference … Continue reading

Vigor Nutrition Part 4: Breaking Plateaus, Cheat Meals & Workout Nutrition

In Part 1 I covered the essential 10 steps that lead to a better diet, health, physique, and how those habits are the most crucial changes needed to see results. In Part 2 I introduced calories and explained what they … Continue reading