Cody’s Cooking Corner: Candied Banana French Toast

This post is delicious.

You heard that right!

We’re going to start putting out Cooking Corner videos with delicious recipes that are much healthier than the “originals” and can fit into your weekly nutrition plan.

This Renton gym cares about helping you make a serious transformation but we also want to help you make food you enjoy and can eat long term. Cody will be showing you how to make everything from quick snacks, salads, main meals, sides, smoothies, treats (we don’t call them cheat meals but rather “treat meals”…you’re not cheating on yourself damn it!) – all of which can fit your plan and create a long term nutrition lifestyle that keeps you looking AND performing great.

This will go in line with the educational nutritional blog posts, videos and seminars. Our goal is to help you create a lifestyle in which you look amazing, perform and LIVE amazing without feeling like you are a slave to a bland diet that has you dreading the next meal (this actually creates a negative connection between food and your emotions which can wreck havoc on lifestyle…more about this in another post).

So here is our first installment of Cody’s Cooking Corner with the video as well as the ingredients and checklist how to make the recipe:


(for a smaller macro/portion size, simply cut all ingredients in half)

* 2 Slices Ezekiel Bread
* 1 Scoop Low Carb Whey Protein Powder (Macros set from Dymatize ISO-100)
* 3oz. Banana
* 2 Egg Whites (or 6 tbsp.)
* 1 tsp. Cinnamon
* 3-6 Stevia Packets


(full/half serving)

* 50/25g Protein
* 45/22.5g Carbs
* 1/.5g Fat


* Have to pans on medium heat with non-stick cooking spray on them.

* Empty stevia packets onto a small dish or plate

* Slice banana into medium thick chips and dip each side lightly into stevia

* Place the banana chips onto pan

* Mix protein powder, cinnamon, and egg whites into a large dish

* Place both slices of ezekiel bread into dish and let soak 2-3 minutes per side until bread is moist and visibly soaked with mixture

* Once bread is soaked, place them on the other pan to let cook.

* Flip banana chips after 3-5 minutes or when bananas are becoming browned.

* Flip bread after 2-3 minutes or when visibly cooked

* Place bread on plate after cooked, slide banana chips onto bread, drizzle with Walden Farms Zero Calorie Pancake Syrup

* GRUB!!!

I hope you enjoyed watching this and you’ll enjoy it even more eating it. After your lower body training session this week, get your grub on with this delicious recipe. Let us know what you’d like for us to cook for you and make it fit your nutritional program (put it in the comments section).


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