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E061: Sports Performance for Soccer, Youth Training and Lessons from Traveling the World w/ Matej Hocevar

Some call him the most interesting man in the world, I just call him my brother. From becoming a core justice translator at a record breaking 23-years old, to speaking seven languages fluently, traveling to almost 80 countries across the world, and coaching some of the highest level soccer players in Europe, you could say the title fits.

In this episode we dive into the topics of sports performance for youth and soccer athletes, coaching, heuristics, as well as lessons from traveling the world. There’s plenty of lessons to take and apply, one of the main ones being how to live life on your own terms.


  • How Matej chose to pursue a career where he saw an opportunity and created a business that helped support his lifestyle, which also led to a business of passion
  • What made us start a gym in a market that didn’t exist with only the belief we could make it happen
  • Coaching high level professional soccer athletes and the challenges that come with it
  • How you can build trust by creating “results in advance” in just one training session
  • The keys to understanding who you’re working with and everything associated with them so that you don’t drop the ball and lose them as a client
  • Why you should use heuristics in program design and how not doing it may be hurting your clients results
  • Building relationships with clients so that what you know turns into what they DO
  • What spurred the “travel bug” and how it has turned into a lifestyle along with lifelong learning
  • Why you should travel and how it’s the secret to building compassion and empathy
  • 3 of the biggest lessons from traveling the world

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