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E062: The 5 Leadership Myths That Are Stopping You From Building A Powerful Team

The road to a disengaged team is paved with good intentions. Nobody sets out to make their team overwhelmed, stressed out or miserable. But unfortunately, that often happens when people manage people.

As hard as it may be to accept, that horrible boss, manager or owner that you know likely isn’t a bad person. In fact, if you got to know them, I’m sure you’d find them to be a good hearted person who genuinely cares about the well being of others.

So how do good people become bad managers?

It’s actually something that happens unconsciously.

The problem is, “bad managers” have internalized a set of powerful unconscious ideas about:

(1) Why people don’t do what they ask, and
(2) What tools they have at their disposal to change that

Statistically 7 out of 10 workers either disengaged or actively undermine the efforts of their organization. Yes, you read that right. You’ve probably also read countless articles, blog posts and books filled with tactics to change that. But what you probably haven’t read — and what is shockingly entirely absent from the discussion — is the other side of the relationship: manager / team leader engagement.

As a business owner, I use to operate under the assumption that lack of team engagement was the employees fault. When the truth is it’s a 50 / 50 split between the manager and the employees.

In this episode I share 5 myths that are stopping you from building a powerful team, and how to flip the coin in your favor.


  • The mistakes I made leading a team for over a decade and the powerful lessons I learned from them
  • How believing that “you can’t find good people” will keep you stuck under a glass ceiling
  • The number one reason you have team members leaving and the bottleneck to growing a powerful team to fulfill their vision and yours
  • Why investing time and energy into someone even if they will leave is the ONLY way you can improve your business
  • The formula to show you how much energy you’re wasting and how to turn it into a team growth catalyst
  • The reason a system and checklist won’t save you – I share the real problem
  • Why communication is extremely important, but also a crutch we tend to blame everything on when we’re faced with a specific problem
  • The big mistake of separating yourself from helping your team grow professionally AND personally

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