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E063: 10 Big Ideas On Reclaiming Conversation To Become More Connected To Your Team, Clients, and Relationships

We have sacrificed conversation for mere connection. At work, at home, with friends, and in love, we find ways around real conversations – instead choosing to engage with people via text, social media, email and other communication methods where we don’t have to engage with people in real life (and reveal our true selves).

Without conversation, there can be no genuine connection. I don’t believe that technology is the problem. But the unintended effects of technology are contributing to the problem.

Decreased empathy, feelings of alienation, superficial connection, and poor attention spans. Significant drops in productivity, creativity, and deep thought. Essential traits to innovation and participation in both business, relationships and life. Our generation is in serious danger of never experiencing the irreplaceable benefits of true/meaningful conversation.

Learning to use technology deliberately is essential to reclaiming relationships.


  • Why conversation is an essential building block of emotional, psychological, and intellectual development, and what is making you lose it
  • Why you must stop making conversation “easy” because it’s crushing your ability to grow and deepen connections
  • Why solitude is more important than you think
  • How mindlessly surfing social media is robbing you of three things you need in your life
  • What a “device free space” is and how it can help you connect with your family, friends, and team on a much deeper level
  • How my belief of multitasking stopped me from getting things done
  • Why you shouldn’t abandon technology, but instead learn to use it deliberately so that you can avoid its adverse side effects
  • How mentors can help you learn and teach new generations how to use conversation to connect, grow, and learn empathy

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