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E064: 10 Big Lessons On How To Become A Better Communicator, Presenter, and Speaker (and Impact More People) 

Ideas, effectively packaged and delivered, can change the world. So, wouldn’t it be amazing to identify the *exact* techniques shared by the world’s greatest communicators, then apply their secrets to wow your audiences?

One of the most valuable skillsets that I have built in the last two decades is the skillset of communication. Whether it’s with my clients, on stages where I get to present, or through the podcast, pitching ideas to investors, or communicating with friends and family; it’s a skill you MUST develop if you want to improve your coaching, marketing, connecting with people, and effectively sharing ideas with the world.

More specifically, good communication skills are important for three key reasons:

  • You have ideas. Great ideas even. Unfortunately, unless you can engage an audience in your delivery of those ideas, they’ll never leave your head.
  • You’re going to have to speak publicly at some point: work presentations, seeking startup capital, on a panel, or for fun if you choose.
  • Ability to communicate effectively has become one the—if not THE—most sought-after skills in job applicants and candidates.

I share 10 big ideas on how to communicate and present like the world’s best.


  • How my speaking journey started, why I was terrified of public speaking, how I got over it and how you can too
  • The “secret weapon” Tony Robbins used to develop his speaking skills and how to apply it to your life
  • Why ideas are the most valuable resource and how to present your ideas in the age of instant communication, rapid cultural growth, and technological supremacy
  • The number one building block of your presentations authenticity and energy and why without it you have no chance
  • Why you should study and learn storytelling like your life depended on it
  • How to engage an audience with more than just their eyes and ears and it will keep them engaged and encourage them to remember your presentation. I give you three strategies you can apply tomorrow
  • Why sticking to the “rule of three” will improve the message in your presentation
  • Practice makes perfect. This is especially true of public speaking. I’ll give you two strategies you can use (right now) to become so comfortable with your content and material that your presentation comes off like a conversation
  • Why you don’t want to be someone else when you’re presenting. I discuss why no matter how much you study and emulate great speakers, the only way to leave a lasting impression on a large audience is to embrace your own unique style

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