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E065: Top 10 Lessons From A Decade Owning A Gym And Growing In The Fitness Industry with Mike Robertson

I tend to be careful not to take advice from anyone who hasn’t been in business for at least 5 years. This rule is not set in stone, but I like to get wisdom from people who have been there done, that and are still doing it. The people who have withstood the test of time, change and innovation. Mike Robertson is one of those people.

Mike has been a friend of mine for a decade. He owns one of the top 10 Gyms in America voted by Mens Health, has influenced and improved the industry with the way they approach training at IFAST, and recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of his gym; which just happened to be around the same time as we celebrated our 10-year at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance.

In this episode we talk about the 10 biggest lessons learned from owning a gym for a decade, as well as success in the fitness industry. This is a MUST listen for anyone in fitness or that owns a small business.


  • How we got started with only thousands of dollars and why it was a competitive advantage
  • The cliché piece of advice that you MUST take seriously or it will hurt you down the line… and could ultimately shut down your business
  • The two ways you can market your business – one of which can feel very scary in your first years of business
  • Why you should study anatomy, biomechanics, program design and structure, and why not doing this will cause you to be a mediocre coach / business owner
  • How me doing ninja kicks in an orientation session helped me attract new clients, and how to apply the strategy behind the move to your business
  • How to tell if you are consistently getting better or just staying where you are and why knowing this is the key to success in gym ownership
  • How to hire and the three mistakes both Mike and myself made in the last decade, and what we do different now
  • The seven questions that create a coaching habit and how to improve your team leadership
  • Why every fitness professional should aspire to “leave the jersey better than when they got it” and what that means for you
  • One of the biggest mistakes gym owners make and the perspective shift you must make to be successful
  • And much, much more.

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