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E068: The Secret to Success in Business and Your Career and Q & A with Luka Hocevar

Everyday I get asked hundreds of questions – whether from clients at Vigor Ground, podcast listeners or the gym owners I coach/mentor. Today I thought I’d open up the floor as a sort of Q & A to share some of these questions and the experiences that have inspired my answers to them.

I start the episode with what I believe is the secret to success—and a foundation for achieving any big goal in your life. Topics cover insights on whether you should make the move of being a gym owner, how to supercharge your coaching, exposure to events, to getting answers about your next step. I also go over some financial resources.

If you’re a coach or gym owner this episode is a must listen.


  • What makes people successful and one of the most important values that drives success
  • How I approach learning and how to get ahead faster when it comes to knowledge you don’t have
  • A test that will help you find out if you are tired or uninspired
  • A key indicator that will let you know if going into your chosen industry is the right move for you
  • How to know if you should open a gym as coach and some alternative options (that you may not be aware of) that will allow you to become successful, make money and make an impact in the fitness industry
  • The biggest mistakes coaches make with their clients and how to overcome them and become a great coach
  • Strategies to make you a more focused coach so that your clients get better results and you get ahead in your career
  • Two MUST financial resources to build a great foundation as an individual and a business owner—and the philosophy of the richest man in Babylon
  • How to build self-confidence and the bank account analogy that will change your perspective on building self-esteem
  • A strategy that will help you make those changes in your life that you’ve been struggling to make for years
  • How to leverage your relationships to sharpen your behaviors and mold them towards who you want to become
  • Why working for a big box gym is a great opportunity for a coach

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