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E078: 9 Lessons On How To Overcome Hard Times And Adversity In Business And Life

There are only two types of businesses: those who are going through tough times, and those that will go through tough times. The same goes for life. This is not just me being negative, it’s me being real. If you don’t think you’ll ever go through tough times, you won’t be prepared for them when they come. And if you’re not prepared, it’s hard to make it through your challenges as a winner.

In today’s episode I breakdown 9 lessons that will help you overcome hard times and adversity in business and life so that you’re prepared if/when they do come.


  • How playing and failing at pro basketball taught me how to pick myself up and win in the long run
  • Some of the roller coaster struggles and adversity I have faced with my fitness business and gym ownership and how I overcame them
  • How to avoid falling down a spiral staircase of stress, anxiety and confusion
  • The one thing you must focus on when things go wrong
  • How to assess the narrative inside of your head so that you can turn things around, and why your actions will match the underlying stories you tell yourself
  • Why when times are tough you have to make sure you focus on your tribe the most
  • The energy are you transferring to your team in tough times that will make or break your business and team
  • The 2 P’s you MUST master to be a legacy business and have amazing relationships in every area of life
  • Why tough times are crossroads in business and an opportunity for change; and why you need to reflect on how to shift gears to turn things around
  • Why you must go on the offence when it comes to competition and when times are hard you must chase business
  • Why you must avoid the harbingers of doom and people that see the worst side of things and put you in a negativity vortex
  • And much more


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