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E080: How To Become A World Class Coach, Build Your Fitness Brand The Right Way & Create The Lifestyle You Want w/ Joe Defranco

If you’ve been around strength and conditioning for awhile you’ll likely know Joe Defranco. Joe is one of the OG’s who started the warehouse gym movement, became a trainer to the pros, and is now one of the most accomplished coaches in the industry.

He’s been there, done that, and still doing it.

Joe has successfully moved from a career owning and growing gyms, to one where he works with only a select group of high end clients. He also has also launched a number of successful online products and courses, live certifications, and has an extremely popular podcast, and a supplement brand.

Basically, he has done it all.

In this episode we get into how it did it. We talk about everything from what helps you stand out as a coach, the “old school” things that will work forever, the “new school” things you should focus on in today’s social media-driven world, what NOT to do, and how to build a career that is customized to what you want for yourself and your family.

This episode is pure fire. You’re going to want to listen to it till the very end.

Let’s go.


  • How Joe got started and the birth of the warehouse gym
  • Why he didn’t take the advice to NOT give away too much value on his site, and why that was a catalyst for his career
  • How to not miss the boat when it comes to standing out in your market
  • How Joe got “Triple H” and other celebrity clients to hire him as their coach
  • The IG/social media influencer “Priority Pyramid” and why you shouldn’t get your priorities confused when you’re seeking fitness/training information online
  • The biggest mistakes coaches make on when promoting themselves on social media
  • What made Joe pull the trigger and shut down his 5,000 square foot gym to focus on a different path that ultimately created a better life
  • How to discover what you truly love doing as opposed to what you THINK you should be doing to help you build a happy and successful fitness career
  • A look into the way Joe trains to be the leanest and fittest he’s been in his life (in his 40s) without spending hours training everyday
  • Why neither of us have plans to monetize ours podcasts and still approach it
  • The biggest insights for coaches when it comes to becoming the go-to expert in your area and building a foundation for long-term success in the industry


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