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EP014: 5 Things To Help You Live A Better Life and Achieve Coaching Greatness with Martin Rooney

The originator of the fitness system Training For Warriors and my good friend, Martin Rooney drops by to talk about his new book, “The 5 Things” and how he has traveled the world and accumulated lessons, ideas, and action steps through his journeys. Discover and learn how you can lead a fulfilled life, and get a better body, better relationships, a better career, business and finances by following Martin’s system.


  • How Martin traveled the world, learned lessons and ideas and broke them down into 5 actionable steps you can take today
  • Why fitness is making things confusing and how it’s what’s stopping people from taking action and getting results
  • Martin’s 5 BIG things to live a better life and how you can start taking action on them today
  • How Martin wrote a chapter of a book while driving in the passenger seat in Slovenia, and how it applies to your life and getting results
  • The 5 F’s to living a better life and how missing any one of these can break down all the others
  • What “the line” is and how you are walking past that line every day to achieve all the things you want in your life
  • The power of doing small things consistently (that are not overwhelming) and how it can create a snowball effect of results in your life
  • Why asking yourself the right questions and “watching” is the first step to awareness, and how it can be the kick in the pants you need to motivate you to change
  • The rituals that Martin and I do while on the road, and how your rituals determine your day and life
  • What to look for on a resume that will predict that person’s success < this is crucial to any business owner
  • Why you shouldn’t listen to things that help you just once and instead should repeat them over and over again
  • The 3 forms of happiness that make up your life and how you can create an endless amount of “colors” to your life’s experience through this philosophy < this episode is worth the listen just for this!

Book: The Book Of The Five Things – Powerful Lessons For A Happier, Healthier and Richer Life (Martin Rooney)
The Training For Warriors System That Is Changing Fitness
Book: Resilience – Hard Won Wisdom For Living A Better Life (Eric Greitens)
Vigor Life Podcast (SUBSCRIBE HERE)

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