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EP015: 17 Lessons and Rules To Building Phenomenal Relationships That Enhance Your Life

There’s few things that make life more fulfilling than relationships and experiences. When you combine the two it really makes for the best life. In the last three years of speaking I kept getting asked the following question: “Luka, how did you create so many meaningful, powerful relationships in your life?” To answer this question I decided to look back and share my thoughts, experiences and 17 lessons that I have learned over the years that will help you build phenomenal relationships in your life – whether they be in your business or personal life. I also go into how you can create things that help people and do meaningful things in business with your friends – which is one of my favorite things.


  • Two things that your life will suck without – and how most people don’t pay attention to them
  • A little secret I figured out to help connect me to just about anyone – that will also work for you
  • The #1 rule — when it comes to building relationships – and how if you break it
  • How this tactic and 10 minutes of your time can make you stand out in a crowd and supercharge your business relationship building
  • Why looking someone in the eye can tell them about your self confidence and create trust
  • Why taking risks is a rule when building powerful relationships and the reason why most people don’t take them
  • What the “Like Formula” is and how knowing and mastering this can change your relationships, business, and life
  • Why focusing on the motive to meet with someone can be the recipe for failure
  • Why the best business relationships are with people who you respect, enjoy and have a great personal relationship with – and how to create these sorts of relationships
  • Why the higher up the ladder you go the more cautious people will be about your advances, and the steps you need to take to build trust fast
  • One of the most important rules when it comes to creating relationships and building trust – and the proven way to bring that rule to life without making any mistakes
  • The strategy I use to to add remarkable value to other people using a 4 x 6 card – this has become the secret to supercharge my networks
  • How my experience with a hair stylist (I know I have no hair but hear me out) in Santa Monica can get you to build better relationships and bring happiness to people’s lives

Book: Little Black Book of Connections – 6.5 Assets For Networking Your Way to RICH Relationships (Jeffrey Gitomer)
Book: Never Eat Alone; And Other Secrets To Success, One Relationship at a Time (Keith Ferrazzi)
Book: Choose Yourself – Be Happy, Make Millions, Live The Dream (James Altucher)
Book: The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A [email protected]*k – A Counterintuitive Approach To Living A good Life (Mark Mason)
TED Talks
Wake Up Warrior
Jason Ferruggia
Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance 

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