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EP016: Lessons From Richard Branson and How To Create An Environment For Success

Last April I visited Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands and got the chance to spend time with Richard Branson, Yanik Silver and the Maverick group of entrepreneurs. This trip was made possible by an Evolved Enterprise Award that I received for Vigor Ground Fitness — an award that is given to individuals who have built a business that is helping change things in their community in creative charitable ways, while influencing other small businesses to do the same.

The trip was not only motivating, but also inspirational because it helped me realize that I can do so much more when it comes to supporting others in my community.

In this episode I explain how/why our environment shapes us, and how you can mold your environment to help you succeed.


  • How environments trigger behaviors and what that means for your success, or lack of it
  • What Richard Branson did with Necker Island to create an environment that helps him do meaningful work and lead a fulfilled life
  • How you can make small changes that create big results in transforming your own environment, even when you can’t buy your own island — I’ve had to deal with that reality too
  • Why you need to imagine the people and places that trigger you to take actions towards your goals
  • The importance of writing out where you are currently at, and why the difference is “the gap”
  • How to assess and make a change to your environment if it isn’t serving you and/or keeping you from reaching your goals
  • Why people are drowning in information and thirsty for transformation

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