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EP018: Strategies And Tools To Help You Change With Less Overwhelm

In the past I had a tendency to take on a ton of action steps, then get frustrated when I completed fewer tasks than I set out to accomplish. This pattern quickly became a vicious cycle that kept me from achieving the things that I wanted to, while making me feel stressed about the fact that I wasn’t hitting my targets — which left me with a sense of failure.

With time, a lot of studying and coaching I realized that there was a better way to approach achieving my goals — and feel good about it when I did. I wanted to share this process — which I now teach to Vigor Ground clients to help build behaviors that lead to long-term results — with you so that you can implement them in your life and start seeing the results that you want


  • The ONE thing that you need to know to keep you from feeling like you’re shooting in the dark or driving around with a broken GPS
  • The four questions that you must ask yourself before before outlining action steps for what you are looking to achieve. Without these you may be putting energy into a plan that is doomed to fail
  • Why you can’t live life like the Super Mario Bros and skip a level to get faster results; and why sticking with ‘Level 1’ — no matter what your goal is — is the fastest and most sustainable way to achieve your goals
  • The limiting factors that are stopping you from changing your nutrition and lifestyle, and how to apply the lessons from these limitations to any part of life and overcome your obstacles
  • The “magic formula” that gives you easy tasks that will help you change faster. Once you accept this process you will make progress in every area you want to improve in
  • How to build confidence and self-esteem – a strategy that will become the catalyst for you changing your life (most people have blinders on when it comes to this, and I explain why)
  • The step-by-step blueprint that outlines how to break down your goals into daily practices (this in itself is worth the price of admission)
  • How I breakdown “building muscle” into behaviors and how you can apply this process to all other areas of your life

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