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EP019: The Strong, Jacked And Pain Free Training Model w/ Dr. John Rusin

Years ago I spoke on stage with Dr. John Rusin and after listening to him I started digging into his writing, training and philosophies. They aligned with so many of my thoughts after pushing my body for decades and having a number of injuries that really threw a wrench in my progress and even my career in sports.

Going heavy, fast and hard at all times when it comes to training — even though it may sound “beast mode” — is actually a sure path to feeling beat up and in pain, which will ultimately stall your progress. Dr. Rusin has found a model that works with just about everyone when it comes to getting strong and jacked without the risk of injury.

If you want to maximize your performance over the long-term you have to follow and pay strict attention to a smart model of programming, form and training. If you follow what most advice tells you then you’re likely to get injured at one point or another. Dr. John Rusin joins me on the podcast and will change your perspective of what smart training really is.


  • How Dr. Rusin created the pain-free high performance training model after working with some of the highest level athletes in the world and realizing that most people get injured and believe that it’s just part of the training process (when in fact many training injuries could be prevented)
  • What attracted me to the FHT program and ultimately drew me into Dr. Rusin’s philosophy
  • The reason Dr. Rusin turned down $100k as a physical therapist to become a strength coach and start from the ground up
  • The principles that you should follow if you want to dominate at pick-up basketball, flag football or ultimate frisbee and look like a muscular athlete for the long haul
  • The HUGE mistake that most trainees make when it comes to building strength and muscle (this is most likely completely off your radar)
  • The 3 issues you must address for optimal performance
  • The biggest misconception about body part splits and what gets the best results long-term
  • Why the long game approach gets you the best results (many times even short-term)
  • How to keep training fun and not burn out while also building muscle and improving strength
  • The “pie” analogy for how to fit your most important goals into your training program (this has helped many see a different perspective while simplifying it)
  • Why using less weight can make you stronger and get you better results
  • How to unlock the “parking break” that may be stopping you from improving your muscle mass and performance

Dr. John Rusin
Functional Hypertrophy Training Program
Dr. John Rusin and Christian Thibadeau Seminar

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