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EP023: How To Get Out of Pain and Stay Away From Pain w/ Physical Therapist Dan Swinscoe

When I or one of my clients is injured I always want to make sure that I have a network of the most knowledgeable and caring people available to help me/them get back on track with training and living life to the fullest. One of those people is Dan Swinscoe.

If you have ever been hurt or injured you understand that the only thing you want to do is get out of pain and get back to doing the things that you love pain-free (and keeping it that way). To get the best results, short and long-term — when it comes to training for body composition and performance — staying injury free is key.

In this episode Dan and I discuss how to get out of pain and how to stay pain-free so that you can be your best at whatever you choose to do.


  • How pain changes the way we move, live and think and how it affects every part of our life — and what to do about it RIGHT NOW
  • What I learned from a devastating back injury that I suffered 6 years ago, and how you can learn how to avoid making the mistakes that made (I also outline the principles and strategies that helped me get back to 100%)
  • How the biggest injuries are caused by the little things that we do in everyday life (even if you are a high level athlete or trainee)
  • How your back is like a credit card and what happens when you keep bending it the wrong way – I also answer the question: are sit ups really bad for you?
  • The best way to strengthen your core, flatten your stomach and see your abs (the show and the go of training)
  • The checklist for how to get out of and stay out of back pain (make this a ritual and your low back will thank you for life)
  • The shocking truth about whether you should squat and deadlift (this answer the age old question)
  • The 3 simple principles to fix nagging shoulder pain to keep you from having to get surgery down the road
  • The “what NOT to do” list when coming back from injury and the biggest misconception when it comes to rehabilitation (this is one even doctors get wrong many times)
  • The big reason I love Zumba and why you should too (and why it may be the exact thing you need)
  • Strategies and tips to help you stay away from pain and injuries for good (put this on your fridge!)

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