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EP024: How To Win At The Sport of Life 

After my basketball career I struggled to find the motivation and structure to get the things I wanted to accomplished done both personally and professionally. It took a lot of trial and error — falling on my face (a few times) — and the help of mentors who helped guide me towards my goals for me to get to the place I wanted to be.

The revelation that really shifted things for me was that I am still an athlete, but now my sport is life and everything in it is my playground.

In this episode I share my perspective and the strategy that helped me break everything that I wanted to achieve down into monthly, weekly and daily targets/practices. A strategy that will help you dominate your days.


  • How I struggled after ending my basketball career with feelings of loss and a lack of purpose and what I did to turn it around
  • How putting all my energy into my business actually damaged things that matter to me and the steps to avoid the same mistakes
  • The philosophy and structure that allowed me to improve all areas of my life at the same time
  • My secret ritual that gives me energy every night while also firing me up for the next day
  • The small change you can make to supercharge your results in the next 90 days (in whatever area of life you choose)
  • The game that will get you everything you want in life
  • Why Super Mario Brothers and bosses will make you realize obstacles are the secret sauce to success

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