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EP025: Total Human Optimization, Pursuing Your Vision and Building a Great Team w/ John Wolfe 

I met John Wolfe years ago while studying kettlebell training. What initially struck me about him was his approach to and philosophy about training – I loved how he implemented unconventional training methods into any program as a way to upgrade it.

John, who is now the CFO (Chief Fitness Officer) of Onnit, joins me to talk about everything from how to build culture, a community that connects instead of divides, and powerhouse teams that encourage individuals to step into greatness. We of course also get into unconventional training.


  • Why John left his own business to join Onnit and how you can be happy and successful by putting yourself into the right career
  • The secret to long term growth and success – “It’s not about how much money you make but ________.
  • How to learn some of the best lessons from the things you did wrong – or even better, learning from other people doing things wrong
  • The principle that can be implemented to attract the best talent and a powerful tool that you can use to make great connections (both total game changers!)
  • The 3 C’s that laid the foundation of success at Onnit
  • The “magic formula” that makes the best teams and companies tick and why you MUST do this if you want to create a strong team in your company
  • Why a “choose your own adventure” style of training may be the best way for people to stick to fitness long-term
  • How I broke the record in the Viking Mace Challenge while being hungover at the Onnit grand opening
  • How to create experiences that keep people coming back – the cornerstone of ANY business
  • Why you’re the most successful when you choose your path and do what you love the most — and how you can help people in your organization do that

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