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EP027: Overcoming Adversity And The 5 C’s Of Building A Legit Sports Performance Business w/ Andy McCloy

Have you gone through hardships in your life and feel like you won’t be able to achieve your dreams because of them? In this episode I sit down with my friend Andy McCloy, who — like me — has had to overcome a tough and “colorful” past to get where he is now.

Andy fought through adversity to build one of the most successful sports performance businesses in the south, and in this episode we discuss how.

We talk about everything from growing up and getting into trouble, the catalyst that lead Andy to make a change, and how fitness and youth sports inspired him to build his business – while mentoring kids in their early teens all the way up to pro ranks.

Andy’s philosophy will give you a lot of insight into the success of his programs and the blueprint to succeed in any career.


  • What lured Andy to a life of crime and the catalyst that made him realize things have to change
  • The secret lesson that is responsible for success in some people and failure in others
  • The book that shifted Andy’s mindset and planted the seed that he could become whoever he wanted to be
  • A secret to success that most personal development programs miss – you master this and you have a tool that will help you overcome the hardest of times
  • How your environment’s trigger your behavior much more than you think, and the step-by-step process to shift what you do fast
  • A new way to present your business, the “BCI wheel” and how you can implement it into any fitness business (especially those geared to youth sports performance)
  • How to influence parents that you are the right coach for their kids based on more than just the X’s and O’s of training
  • The 8 spokes that create a super athlete – mind, body and soul
  • The reason Andy is not big on “sport-specific” training when it comes to youth, and why it’s something they don’t focus on much at BCI
  • The astonishing way to make better decisions in your business
  • The 5 C’s of building any great career or business — whether it be a gym or anything else — and the bonus “C” I add at the end that you must master whether you like it or not

BCI – Body Creations
Book: Awaken The Giant Within (Tony Robbins)
Book: The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

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