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EP028: Practices To Do Better Work and Live A Better Life – The Happiness Advantage

A few weeks ago I went to Brazil with my brother to shoot a documentary on movement culture and how environments trigger behaviors. The trip however ended up being so much more than that – becoming one of the best experiences of my life.

I realized how much we chase “things” to create happiness, when in actuality we can have happiness now, in every aspect of our lives.

Happiness is a powerful beast that will actually help you achieve the success that you want, while also improving your life.

In the episode I talk about real actionable strategies and practices that you can implement daily that will help you be happier, have more energy, more cognitive capacity and do better work that leads to success.


  • The revelation I had while playing foot volley on a beach in Brazil, and how it will shift your perspective on life
  • The single biggest reason it’s so hard to be happy
  • 7 ways to be happy RIGHT NOW
  • The 3-minute exercise that my friend made me do that made me realize how I choose not to be happy (and so do you!)
  • Why we have the formula for success all wrong and how to flip in on its head for massive results
  • The biggest problem with external goals
  • The sad and unfortunate reason we listen to critics in the first place
  • The dream we all have that is completely wrong
  • The huge mistake when studying the average and why it has made you unsuccessful
  • The secret sauce in “falling up” and how it is the key to happiness and growth

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