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EP029: The Two Not So Magic Questions That Will Get You To Better Results

There are certain perspectives in life that create awareness to truly help you change. One of them for me was finding out the difference between difficult/easy and difficult/difficult. The first time I heard this was back in the day from my friend Alwyn Cosgrove, then later on again from John Berardi.

I have made asking myself two simple questions an ongoing part of my life to help me figure out what I needed to drop and what I needed to do more of. Learn those questions and the perspective that help me eliminate some things while adding others to improve my results in all areas of life.


  • Why doing “hard” things and working hard may be the reason you’re stuck and not getting results
  • Difficult actions have two sides of the coin – find out if you’re putting time and effort into the wrong one and how it’s taking away from what you want and creating a pattern that’s hard to break
  • The ONE thing that creates more stress and anxiety in your life and how to eliminate it
  • The secret to uncovering your roadblocks — the two questions — discover what they are and how to breakthrough
  • What the “opposite day” is and how can it help you clarify what the next step to success
  • The reason why you fall back into old patterns after you start having success, and how to finally break that pattern and reach your potential

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