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EP03: How To REALLY Get Results With Clients And Your Unique Success In The Fitness Industry with Dean Somerset & Tony Gentlicore


Would you like to discover how some of the top coaches approach training their clients?

In this episode, Dean Somerset and Tony Gentlicore talk ‘Real World Strategies’ to get their clients results.

Both of these coaches are world class trainers who have managed to create fail proof strategies to help their clients achieve great things, creating successful (long-term) online presences and building their businesses as they do.


  • How to guarantee that you WON’T get results with your clients, and “the missing ingredient” (used to help clients achieve training and nutrition results) that is often over-looked
  • Why some of the world’s smartest experts and practitioners actually let their clients choose what they’re doing rather then giving them the “exact plan,” and how this can change the game for you as a coach
  • The “perfect” program and why it’s far from perfect
  • Why teaching your clients “the game” is essential, and why so many businesses fail because they don’t realize this
  • How to start creating a presence in the fitness industry and the ONE THING you must overcome if you’re ever going to build a successful business (offline or online)
  • The answer to the question: “Should fitness professionals study in other areas of expertise? if so, which ones?”
  • And what the roadblock to getting results is—even when you know all of the X’s and O’s.


Tony Gentlicore
Dean Somerset
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