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EP034: 18 Things All Great Coaches Do

Would you like to discover the formula to build a new skill-set? In this episode I break it down for you.

I’m always studying what the greats do in the areas of their art/skill. When I want to improve a particular skill-set I study coaches who have it – by reverse engineering who they are, what they do and how they do it.

After studying the greatest coaches and working with/under some of the world’s best, I asked myself four questions which helped me reverse engineer the 18 things great coaches do.

Discover what they are and how to use them.


  • The four questions to ask yourself when reverse engineering the greats coaching skill-sets (or any other skill-set for that matter)
  • The three daily action steps you must take if you’re working on dominating your niche and leading the marketplace
  • The “UPR” skill that most coaches don’t pay attention to that will cause you to fail with your clients and prevent you from getting results if you don’t work on it
  • “Be the _________ not the guru.” (and why this sentence is at the core of true coaching)
  • Why you’re not the hero, your clients are
  • The “Three L’s” that make up a key skill-set (this is something that most coaches don’t put enough effort into)
  • Why you’re not getting enough data
  • The “Cascade of Consequences” and how it affects you, your clients and your team (and why you MUST understand this concept to succeed)
  • How not “getting” your clients will create a wall between you and them and why you won’t be able to help them until you do
  • Why fixing weaknesses is NOT what you should focus on with your clients
  • The “Radical Candor” and why you need it to be successful with your coaching, communication and business

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