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EP035: The Price You Pay For Being Unremarkable And How To Fix It

Being able to look at the obstacles in your life, as well as observe others struggles (and extract the lessons) may be one of your greatest skill sets… especially if you’re able to apply what you learn.

In this episode I share two of the lessons I extracted this week. One being that marketing is the price you pay for being unremarkable – and how this applies to your body, being, relationships and business.


  • The 4 things you must do to constantly improve yourself, your competence and your business
  • The strategy that I took from Ryan Holiday that will help you create endless content, ideas, team strategies and write a book
  • How ________ is the price you pay for being unremarkable – and how to fix it
  • The question that will help you face some hard facts while also creating more opportunity than you can imagine
  • The small habit that helped me drop body fat and look the leanest I have in a long time
  • How changing your body can be done with strategic shifts day-by-day and how that can create massive results for you over time – in this episode I outline three shifts that changed mine


Vigor Ground Fitness and Business Summit
Book: The Obstacle Is The Way – The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph (Ryan Holiday)
Luka Hocevar YouTube Channel (Subscribe Here)

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