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EP038: How To Become The Master Of Your Craft And Accelerate Your Learning In Any Area 

One of the questions that I get asked over and over again is, “How do you and your team at Vigor Ground learn so much so fast?”

Growing up I was a kid who always got into trouble with teachers and had a tough time learning, so I am continually humbled by that question.

As an adult I am obsessed with learning (and perfecting) my craft. In this episode I cover some of the principles around how I learn and accelerate results at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance. I also dive into how to apply those principles to your life. Everything from the best way to learn for YOU, the 5 components of learning, the pyramid of deep learning and the exact way I go about becoming a master at my craft.


  • The 3 main learning styles and how to know which one will help you learn the fastest
  • The shocking truth about how little you learn from “just reading” and what you can do to maximize your skill-set
  • Why you should learn, take notes, do it yourself, then present to people to warp speed your coaching
  • The “secret” behind my accelerated learning and why I have gone to 170+ seminars and courses in the last 10 years
  • How to get deep knowledge infused in your brain like Neo in the Matrix by using my stacking model of learning
  • The reason we call it “active learning” and the link missing from your life that will help you increase your learning speed
  • How you can apply this framework to your life and have people asking you how you accelerated so fast
  • The 5 components of learning and how to use them to become a Jedi learning master
  • Why the real philosophers took action and didn’t just pontificate (wisdom comes from action)

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