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EP040: My 3 Biggest Insights From Attending This Top Entrepreneurial Event

Last year I went to an event my friend, Adam Bornstein puts on called two12. This annual event brings together some of the top entrepreneurs in the US, and gives attendees the opportunity to spend time with them in an intimate small group setting. It’s the place to be if you want the latest business, life and relationship building advice.

When I was there I got a number of key insights from both the speakers and my fellow attendees that I’ve been putting to action ever since. Here are my most memorable.


  • How I’ve been able to build so many quality relationships in the industry plus simple tips on how you can too
  • Why doing more of less and finding out what your unique abilities are is going to improve your life and exponentially grow your business
  • The reason you sedate and spend a lot of time and energy on things that don’t move your business forward and how to turn it around
  • The simple formula I use to break down any goals so that I can see the daily actions I need to take to succeed
  • The reason behind why even just 5 habit changes in a year can completely change your life — which 5 are you focusing on?
  • The quote of wisdom to live by and put on your wall
  • How you can extract wisdom from your life that is as profound as the one from the Greek philosophers

Book: How To Win Friends And Influence People (Dale Carnegie):  
Book: Never Eat Alone (Keith Ferrazzi):</a
Two12 Event:
Unique Abilities 2.0:
Best Self Journal:

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