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EP042: Principles, Strategies and Mindsets for Success In The Fitness Industry

Every time I travel to events and mentorships I learn new things. Sometimes I hear stuff that I’ve heard before but from a different perspective and get an “aha” moment that allows me to take action on it.

Apart from that, the relationship building and connecting with other high level fitness professionals and entrepreneurs is priceless.

Combining the above always gets me fired up, inspired and always leaves me with a book full of notes that I am ready to take action on.

Recently I was at my 10th Perform Better Summit in a row followed by the two12 event in Denver, put on by my friend Adam Bornstein. In this episode I share my insights, but also really crack down on what it takes to be successful in fitness business (or any other business for that matter).


  • The 3 reasons I travel to events and why you must too so that you can becomes the best coach, leader and successful business owner
  • Why going to an event to get “tons of tactics and strategies” can be detrimental to your success
  • The missing ingredient in your personal success and why you’re still not seeing it
  • The 3 types of happiness and how you can integrate learning and connecting with other people to supercharge your success
  • Why obsession is necessary when working to become the best in the world at something
  • The top skill-sets the best coaches in the world have and why they’re the one’s you NEED TO build
  • The future of the fitness industry and how you will be able to stand out
  • Why fitness is NOT saturated and the _______ strategy that will always win

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