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EP046: 10 Big Ideas On Leading Teams, Influencing People and Building Relationships

Would you like to improve your leadership and influence skills so that you can be better at guiding, motivating and building a team?

In this episode I talk about the 10 big ideas that are the foundation to success in a position of leadership and influence.

I’ve devoted a lot of time to learning how to become the best leader possible in the last 5 years – hiring coaches, reading 100’s of books and taking countless courses. Here are some of the most important things that I have learned that you must apply to win friends, influence people and lead successful teams.


  • The 5 things that the world’s leading doctors have found influence our happiness and how to apply that to yourself and the people around you
  • Why leadership is a learnable skill and the daily practices you can start doing to master it
  • The one thing you must NOT do if you want to avoid repelling people from wanting to be around you
  • Why you should admit your mistakes immediately and how this will build trust and put you in a position of leadership
  • How giving people a reputation to live up to is a secret weapon that not enough leaders use with their teams
  • The often unknown skill of radical candor, and why it’s so powerful and how to employ it with people in your life to help them grow
  • The three things that you must remember ALWAYS if you want to build powerful relationships
  • The number one mistake that leaders of teams make that causes them to lose respect and staff productivity and how to fix it

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