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EP048: A Different Approach To Happiness and How To Make Your Days Better While Getting More Done In The Process

At the end of the day we’re all seeking more happiness. In this episode I share the secret to how you can significantly increase your happiness level, while teaching you how to become more productive and successful at the same time.

If you struggle to find happiness in your day-to-day life and would like to increase your productivity so that you can drive your career further and create more impact and profit, this is the episode for you.


  • The truth about success and why the traditional teachings of it are making us miserable
  • Why success and happiness are not on the same line and how to put on a different lens so you can have both
  • Why you can search for happiness and how to actually achieve it
  • How to optimize your life and happiness with a simple exercise that will help you focus on the things that make you happy and eliminate the things that don’t
  • The happiness equation that will explain why you may be unhappy and how to change it
  • Thoughts vs. reality and suffering vs. pain, two concepts you must understand to help you change your present
  • The 5 states of thought and how to shift yourself to the ones that are aligned with what you want to feel and achieve
  • The 6 grand illusions and the 7 deadly blind spots and how they alter your reality and keep you unhappy
  • How thinking about life like a Super Mario game will turn your anxiety into excitement and help you take on challenges rather than run from them

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