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EP049: Why No Tactic Or Strategy Will Ever Work In Your Life Or Business Until You Change This

The majority of the online space is made up of brands, businesses and people pitching you the best method, tactic and strategy to help you change your body, build your business, generate more leads, improve your health, or whatever else you’re looking for. It’s not that the methods and strategies they’re sharing don’t matter. They just won’t work unless you don’t change your belief system first.

After working with 1,000’s of clients both in the world of fitness and in the world of business, along with studying behavior change and the science and biology of belief, I wanted to share some insights that will help you breakthrough the most important part of a successful transformation – your mindset.


  • How to change your internal stories so that they better facilitate your goals
  • Why millennials are more likely to achieve their goals than the older generation (over 60) and how this affects you
  • How cynicism becomes a self-protective behavior from past failures and why it might be the things that’s holding you back from achieving success
  • What Zappos, Flight and the 4-Minute Mile have in common and the key to your superpowers
  • The 4 dead giveaways that determine whether your beliefs are holding you back
  • Why you’re not great at building relationships and the change you can make to your limiting beliefs that will fix this
  • How to tell is social media is having a negative impact on your life
  • How to upgrade your beliefs and change the trajectory of your life
  • Why having the resources to do something may actually make you worse at your job/career
  • Why your past doesn’t equal the future UNLESS you make this ONE change

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