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EP05: Two Coaches, Two Transformations, 50 lbs of Muscle Gained, 30 lbs of Fat Lost – And The Mindset Behind Success with Theo Bowie and Cody McBroom


Do you have a goal of transforming your body? Are you looking to lose body fat, improve your energy levels and increase strength? Are you looking to put on a lot of muscle because you’re frustrated with being skinny?

If you’ve ever worked towards a particular transformation goal, how have you felt when you’ve started to achieve that goal only to hit a plateau or fall off of your fitness plan all together?

In this podcast I talk with coach Theo Bowie and Cody McBroom about their transformations and how it inspired them to become coaches that help others finally breakthrough, transform and keep the results they’re after for good.

Both coaches have undergone personal transformations on opposite ends of the spectrum: One gained 50 lbs of muscle, while the other dropped 30 lbs of body fat (while also adding muscle). Both of these results were over the course of 12-18 months.

Discover mindsets, strategies and tips that you can apply TODAY that will help you along your transformation journey.


  • The simple steps that can completely change your body in a year, and how to apply this “secret sauce” to all areas of your life
  • How you can put on slabs of quality muscle, not just weight, without having to bring a calculator with you everywhere you go (to calculate your macros)
  • How changing your body can positively affect all other areas of your life – from your career, relationships and confidence, to money and purpose
  • How the “Cody No Back” program helped Cody build a powerful back and ad some serious strength to all of his pulls
  • How anger and frustration can be the best fuel to achieve your goals, and how knowing when/who to use this strategy with is can make or break your results
  • The difference between “what you do” and “who you become”
  • The ONE thought that can completely change the direction you’re going and give you back the power you need to achieve everything that you want to
  • How to break free from the cycle of caring what other people think
  • How sharing your struggle(s) will allow you to better connect with people, and help them achieve great things in their life
  • How trying to be positive all of the time can create the “Positivity Trap” – and the negative effects that can have on your life
  • An exciting new way to stop yourself from getting into a spiral of negativity when bad things happen
  • The trick that will help you overcome anxiety (which will not only help you overcome anxiety, it will help you get more done!)
  • Why you should get a dog (Tyson, the dog, makes a special appearance)


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