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EP050: 10 Big Ideas On How To Develop Culture That Breeds Success, Growth, Purpose And Results

What do the most successful companies and organizations in the world do that makes their teams work so well together and succeed? Is it just a “fluke” that some companies do better than others, or is there more to it?

From my studies and insight I share the clarifying power of cheesy catchphrases, the necessity of feeling safe (when developing ideas with a team) and how you can use the energy of crisis to crystallize purpose in your company, team or organization.

All successful groups (no matter how seemingly different they are on the outside) operate off an identical algorithm on the inside. The formula is clear, repeatable and applicable to your life/business. Dive into the principles and methods that you can apply to make your tribe function better and succeed.


  • Why psychological safety and the answer to the question “Am I safe here?” are important factors that decide whether your business or team can work together and succeed long-term
  • The principles and tactics that have helped my favorite sports team (the San Antonio Spurs) become the most successful sports team in the past 20 years – despite having equal talent to other teams
  • The reason you must admit to your weaknesses and how doing so will improve your team
  • Why your team needs to see the connections between their current work, bigger picture long-term results and their future within the group – and the steps to make that happen
  • What Pixar, the Navy Seals and every other successful group does that is painful and yet necessary for smooth co-operation and success
  • Why inspiration is nowhere near as important as ___________ and the unique way you can work this into your business to get ahead of the competition
  • How Kindergartners beat top level executives and CEO’s in a challenge called “tallest tower” and the lesson that is crucial if you want to be able to beat other organizations with less resources and knowledge
  • What Harry Nyquist and Rochi Givechy did to make everyone consider them the super-power for their company, and how to do it in yours
  • How a restaurant super mogul turned a near catastrophe into the catalyst that made his company into the industry leader it is today, and how you can turn tragedy into triumph

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