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EP051: The Four Things You Must Address To Change Your Body (Or Anything Else) That Few Coaches Talk About – Part One

It’s important for information/content to be produced that helps people physically transform. Yet, the X’s and O’s of “this vs. that food” isn’t helping people create meaningful change. A fact proven by statistics.

Because of this I wanted to start (and continue) producing episodes that dig deeper into the reasons WHY people are having trouble changing their body; while creating awareness, insight, as well as actionable “next steps” around coaching conversations that aren’t often had.

This episode is part one of a two part series where I dive into that strategies that we deploy at Vigor Ground (on a daily basis) to help them successfully move towards their goals—and keep those results long-term.


  • Why knowing the X’s and O’s of nutrition will give you knowledge, but won’t facilitate your transformation
  • Why creating goals without “gravity” will ultimately leads to a rollercoaster of weight loss and weight gain (or lack of consistency in ANY other area of life)
  • How Identity and Values connect with your Goals to create the ultimate motivation— without the IVG method you’ll find yourself in a constant cycle of “lack of motivation”
  • How to use stress the RIGHT way and always progress while finding the “sweet spot” (most programs get this wrong and make people get stuck with their results even though they are working hard)
  • What balance really looks like in a real world example of someone who has had success with a body transformation
  • How to make sure you’re getting what you want out of your program (and not someone else’s goals!)
  • What deceptive messages are and why knowing what food to eat won’t help if you don’t figure this out and break the loop
  • Why you shouldn’t try to eliminate bad habits, but rather work on __________ (science shows this works MUCH better)
  • What your day is really like and how to find the most powerful insights to own your day, and your transformation


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