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EP054: How To Live A Better Life – 37 Lessons In 37 Years On Earth

A couple of weeks ago I turned 37. While I was sitting there on my birthday I was suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling that I needed to document the life lessons I have learned over the years. So I did. Staying up to the wee hours of the morning to write them out.

I didn’t think much about it but then, but when I sent out my list of lessons to Vigor’s email subscribers, I got an overwhelming response from people expressing how much my life lessons had helped them. Well, I decided to dig a little deeper into the subject. These are the 37 lessons I’ve leaned in my 37 years on earth.


  • How you can become your most powerful self by telling the truth and stopping your lies
  • Why you should consider changing your nutrition to become the best human you can be
  • Squat lighter, deadlift heavier, cycle loads and do more single leg work and you’ll be more muscular, less injured, and more athletic
  • What “Movement Hygiene” is and how it can change your mornings and your low back
  • How to become the director of your own movie and stop making excuses
  • Why helping someone achieve their dreams will fulfill yours
  • The secret to having the greatest mentors in the world for just a measly couple of bucks
  • How to become a better cook and get leaner while raising your relationship stock

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