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EP055: Everyone Is A Coach And How To Become Great At It w/ Martin Rooney

Do you believe that you’re a coach? Do you believe becoming a better coach would help you improve your business, family, profits, and lifestyle – not to mention how much you enjoy what you do?

I certainly do, and it’s at the foundation of all my businesses. This time around I sit down with my friend and one of the people that’s influenced me more than anyone else — to become the greatest coach I can be — Training for Warriors founder, Martin Rooney.

After hosting the Coaching Greatness course at Vigor Ground we dove into principles of personal growth and becoming a great coach and fulfilling your potential in every area of life.


  • Why Martin loves coming out to Seattle and the lesson you must learn to become a super connector as well as super connected
  • How flying in a helicopter around Seattle turned from something with fear associated to it into an amazing experience
  • The secret ingredient missing in most businesses and one that no one taught you about in school
  • Listening to yourself is killing your dreams and what you should do about it
  • 3 principles of coaching greatness and why you’ll never fulfill your potential without applying them
  • Why you should travel more and make a focused effort to connect with people you want to learn from
  • What’s difficult is scarce and what’s scarce is valuable; why growing your business is simple and learning this lesson will give you a competitive advantage
  • How to create a business that is different and unique based on what will stand the test of time (even if the internet goes down and there’s no more social media)

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