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EP056: 3 Big Lessons In Creating A Fulfilling Business, Relationships And Life

I have been in the gym business for almost a decade in a half. After reflecting deeply on where I am right now, I realized that there are some key principles and lessons (that I’ve learned along the way) that are crucial to not only building your vision long-term, but also to enjoying the journey along the way.

Some of the lessons come in the realm of personal mindset. Others come from creating deeper connections with others and helping people win. While others are actionable leadership strategies that you can implement into your business.

This week I explore them all.


  • Why doing fulfilling work and the people you’re doing it with are the secret to long-term success and happiness
  • Why I spend 10-15 hours a week meeting people for breakfast, lunch and dinner — and how it has helped me create a super network
  • What “listen to yourself less and talk to yourself more” means, and how this concept is a game changer when it comes to taking action on your purpose rather than holding back because of your fears
  • How every person has a sign on their forehead that says _______ and how this is the secret to engagement, connection, and improving results with your team and clients
  • The 3 levels of conscious leadership and living and how to go from one that is holding you back, to one that is empowering you to live your best life
  • How your expectations shape happiness and unhappiness in life. I share the happiness equation
  • Why going from “to me” to “by me” is the key to creating meaningful work and relationships
  • How building from fear, even if you build success, will make you more afraid of losing it, all. I’ll also teach you how to change
  • Why you might be creating from scarcity instead of abundance and how to build a legacy
  • How the only way to create the greatest work is through love, not fear

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