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EP057: The Hidden Key To Having A More Committed Team, Clients and Business

After I got off my 16th strategy call for fitness business coaching this month, and hearing that one of the bottlenecks in their business was lack of commitment from coaches and clients, I realized I needed to shoot this podcast.

While it’s a possibility that coaches and clients are not as committed as you’d like them to be. It’s probable that the reason behind this is something else. It wasn’t that long ago that I tripped over my own truth when dealing with this mindset… later realizing that it was in my control to change it.

In this episode I discuss a hidden key that is crucial to have success in building trust, commitment, engagement and drive in your team.


  • The true foundation of any business and why it’s one many owners skip – leading them to failure
  • The reason you’re most likely the bottleneck holding yourself back from your team rising to the highest performance
  • The story of the hen and the pig and how it relates to the leadership in your business
  • The 4 stages of awareness and why you won’t achieve success until you take control of the first two
  • Why commitment sometimes means making tough, uncomfortable and unpopular decisions
  • How to develop the gifts of your team to then develop the business

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