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EP059: Say Less, Ask More, and Change The Way You Coach and Lead

Everyone now knows that managers and leaders need to coach their people. There’s endless articles about it, yet hard to find actionable steps that outline HOW to become a good coach. Surprising given the fact that coaching continues to prove that it has  “markedly positive” affects on performance.

You’re probably not getting very effective coaching, and you’re probably not delivering very effective coaching. But the truth is if you have the right tools and resources it’s not that hard to change that. Really you just need to want to be better than what you are right now.

In this episode I share a framework that will help you become a better coach, whether it’s with your team, clients, bosses, family, or anyone else. Apply these steps today and see how you can improve on every level.


  • The three vicious circles that plague your workplace and the solution to solve them
  • Why shifting the focus from “the fire” to who’s managing the fire is key to team success and how to make that shift
  • How to move from performance coaching to development coaching and why doing the former too much is the reason why people are leaving your team
  • The seven essential coaching questions and the step-by-step process that will allow you to start using them today to get better results
  • How taming “The Advice Monster” is critical if you’re ever going to lead and succeed as a coach
  • Why your advice is not as good as you think it is and why you should talk less and ask more
  • The five key things you need to build a coaching habit and how I use them in my gym, with my team and clients (both fitness and business coaching clients)

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