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EP06: Why You Have Cardio All Wrong And How It Can Save Your Life (3 Things You Can Start Today) with Joel Jamieson


What if the world’s top conditioning expert told you that one of the missing links to your results (no matter your goal) was cardio? Would you change it?

Joel Jamieson joins me to talk about…

  • How he went from training football players and strength athletes to the humbling realization that he didn’t know a whole lot about conditioning
  • How he used that realization to become one of the top conditioning experts in the world
  • Why in many ways cardio training is still in the dark ages, and how most people just do it on the side with no goal or true way to measure their results.

In this episode we dive deep into how cardio affects movement and why movement screens don’t matter if you don’t pay attention to ________ . We also discuss how your brain is the most important aspect of cardio, and why more is not always better.

After listening to this episode you’ll be able to take action on the 3 things you can do NOW to improve you training program by implementing cardio into it the RIGHT way.


  • How Joel went from being a high level strength coach to the realization that he didn’t know as much as he thought he did about conditioning
  • The legend that Joel open his gym next to that helped him warp speed his knowledge of conditioning in MMA, and the secret lesson you can take from it
  • Why “cardio” is still somewhat in the stone ages when it comes to mainstream fitness, and what you can do to accelerate your knowledge of it within weeks
  • The reason movement screens won’t help your program if you don’t pay attention to what happens when you’re _______
  • Why your brain is the most important factor in conditioning and how you can use this tip to improve all your training
  • The 3 simple steps you can take (right now) to take your conditioning (and any other training-related goal) to the next level
  • The secret sauce that may also be the missing link in your training program that has NOTHING to do with being in the gym
  • How planes, helicopters and Russian bathhouses might be your missing link to getting stronger, faster and more conditioned
  • And the two things Joel is excited about that are going to change the fitness industry for good.


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The BioForce Certified Conditioning Course
Ultimate MMA Conditioning Book
Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance

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