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EP060: Creating Relationships To Upgrade Your Life and Spheres of Control

Have you ever created an assessment of who you’re around and how they affect your mood, behaviors, and energy? Assessing how the people you surround yourself with make you react/respond is crucial to not only the direction of your life, but also the quality of your experiences.

In this episode I explore the mindset around the reality that your life is strongly influenced by the people you choose to surround yourself with. I also share why I believe you have much more control over this than you think.


  • How you might be stopping yourself from growing and how to regain control
  • How I was able to upgrade my life by surrounding myself with the “right” people (I share two experiences)
  • Why/how we tend to take inventory of the wrong things in our lives and how to assess if you’re putting too much weight on the wrong things
  • Why deliberately choosing who you surround yourself with is a super power
  • How you may be unknowingly moving away from your goals, and how to fix this
  • The three spheres of control and how they are a blind spot in your road to success
  • How shifting things from one sphere to another can reduce your stress, and anxiety, while improving your ability action taking (I share a three step process that will help you make things happen in your life)
  • A method that will help you determine your path to surrounding yourself with the right people (so you can live your best life and grow your business)

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