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EP07: Moving, Feeling and Performing Better With A 5-10 Minute Daily Investment with Max Shank


Max Shank’s simple yet effective training and life philosophy caught my eye a while back, but it wasn’t until I started applying it that I really noticed its power – especially when it comes to movement, strength and performance. Instead of starting my day with my usual morning routine, I started plugging in his “5 Minutes of Flow” and found myself feeling better because of it. I also hit a number of lifting PR’s 3 weeks later.

The core of Max’s philosophy is creating a foundation where you can safely build strength, power and endurance without breaking down your body. In other words, the name of the game improvement, durability and longevity.

Many of us pursue improving our body and performance at the expense of our health. But what if you can build muscle, lose fat, and increase performance without having to sacrifice your life, sanity or body?

In this episode Max explains his philosophy to training through the lens of economics, and simplifies how you can get great results doing the right things for you – strategies that will not only make you fit, but also make you happier and healthier.


  • How Max’s frustration with the fitness industry inspired him to start a movement that seems too simple to work, but gets results backed by science and real-world case studies (including one from myself)
  • The one trick that gets you to do things you don’t want to do, but gets you results (every time) **This is so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using it all along
  • How something completely different, like playing the guitar can actually help you with your body, getting your workout in, or even getting a project done that you’ve been stuck with
  • The secret Leonardo Da Vinci figured out that will help you carry over skill-sets from one things to another, and how to apply it in your life
  • What the “amateur’s gift” is and how you can excel at something (in a fraction of the time) following these rules
  • How “5-Minutes of Flow” can help create options in your life and help you figure out what you want to do
  • Why both Max and I are fans of Zumba for the majority of people when it comes starting their fitness journey, and how many people in the industry discourage people from starting (even though they are trying to help)
  • The program that will help build a foundation so that you’re able to answer “YES” to questions like, “Hey, do you want to do [insert any sport or activity]?”
  • How Max created programs that get serious results through the lens of economics, and why you should consider learning economics if you want to improve your time management, fitness performance, relationships and career
  • The two things that are missing in schools that could change your future and why it’s important to build these skill-sets
  • The “Marshmallow Experiment” and how it determines your chances of success in the future
  • Why modern fitness marketing is a hoax that creates unreal expectations and a cycle that hurts your health, life and mindset
  • The myth of the “before and after” picture and why it isn’t helping convince people that you (and your gym) can help them achieve their body transformation goals, and the one strategy you can use (right now) to help people believe in you AND themselves
  • Why small daily actions are the “secret” to getting you all the BIG things you want in your life
  • How one small action can amplify the rest of your day (just like throwing a snowball down a hill can create an avalanche)


Max Shank – Better Every Day
Ultimate Athleticism – Zero To Hero Guide To Strength, Health and Flexibility
BookEducation of Millionaires: Everything You Don’t Learn In College in How To Be Successful  (Michael Ellsberg)
BookThe Power of Habit – Why We Do What We Do In Life And Business (Charles Duhhig)
5 Minute Flow

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