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EP070: Strategies to Overcoming Stress, Anxiety and Mental Blocks To Achieve Business and Personal Success w/ Steve Krebs

I started business consulting in 2011 after having many coaches ask me how I was building Vigor Ground and its success at that time. For a long time I didn’t feel “comfortable” doing business coaching, but eventually pulled the trigger because I could see how I could help people build better gyms. A year later as I built a relationship with Steve Krebs, who at the time was also running a successful gym in upstate New York, we decided to start The Pack Fitness Business, a business consulting company focused on helping fitness business owners grow their business. We had success with it and helped hundreds of fit pro’s, spoke on many stages, developed a mens personal development retreat called, Resurrection and created our own live event called, Changing The Game.

We went our separate ways less than two years ago and now Steve has a marketing company STA, a program for young entrepreneurs called Young Bucks Academy, he also coaches high level performers. I say this to shine a light on the fact that we have done many things in the last 10+ years and with that has come its fair share of struggles, stress, anxiety, failure, arguments, blood, sweat and tears. In this episode we share some of the things most don’t talk about when it comes to overcoming the hard parts of life and business. We also dive into what it takes to achieve success, along with the perspectives, strategies and stories that will help you on your journey of life and business.


  • How men are taught to stuff their feelings and not be vulnerable and why it creates chaos personally and professionally.
  • The “handbook” we wish we had going into business. 
  • What it truly take to overcome stress and anxiety on a life and situational basis.
  • The things Steve would “whisper in his ear” when he was 27.
  • Why I believe you must hustle when you’re younger so that you can build some very important virtues; which I outline for you.
  • Why studies show that for “corporate athletes” physical fitness is the building block to success in life and work.
  • What causes us self-sabotage and how you can get out of the cycle of non-achievement. 
  • Why we never compare down, we only compare up, and how this creates a daily problem in our lives.
  • The skillsets that are a must for entrepreneurs. 
  • How business can corrupt you and why value-based decision making is the method to prevent it. 
  • Why you need to stop trying to change the game and looking for the cheat code when you’re playing the game of life. 


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